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So, I have two computers: A desktop and a laptop. Both are running Windows 10. On the desktop, the game runs fine, but on the laptop, the game doesn't seem to display any graphics. It just shows a black screen, but with normal game audio that sounds like it's responding to input fine. Any idea what's wrong?

EDIT: engine.log doesn't have anything obviously useful to report. The only difference I can see between what it logs for the desktop vs. the laptop is that the desktop says "found 13 video modes" while the laptop says "found 24 video modes".
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Solved, I guess?

I looked at the video settings on the desktop, and tried setting vsync to on and changing the resolution to something else, then copied config.json over to the laptop. Something in there seems to have fixed the problem, as the game runs fine on the laptop now. Turning vsync off again gives me the black screen again, so apparently that was the source of the issue. Maybe vsync could be on by default, or there could be some way to edit the configuration outside of the game?
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