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Is there away to change the sound device on Castles 2 for Roland MT-32?

I don't see a setup or install.

There is a tiny CASTLES2.CFG file in the game directory. Hex editing this file is the only way I know to change the sound option. I use a roland. The file reads:

04 00 03 00 00 00

Most people will be using soundblaster:

04 00 02 00 00 00
Thank you for this information, do you have more hex codes for other devices?

It's a shame they didn't include the installer or the setup program in this release. :(
An update of sorts.
Deleting CASTLES2.CFG will let you chose audio device when you start the game again though doing a search in the directory MT32MPU.ADV seems to be missing, it should have been available in the floppy version at least. This means no Roland support, no midi support at all even.

Also, CASTLES2.CFG is not 04 00 03 00 00 00 but longer and different. :(
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Just saw this.

For some reason my cfg file is short, and I do have MT32MPU.ADV.

This seems like a sketchy thing to do, but I will attach it here as a false jpeg. It's just 11Kb. Rename it to MT32MPU.ADV and see if it works?