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So I had this game as a kid, but never did understand the whole resources thing, so would plan some epic huge castle on level 1 and never get it finished. Anyhoo, doing better now gog have released it...

Now I'm up to my 6th castle, but the Ogre attacks are getting very frequent. I've tried all the options, but it really seems the only way is to send the 100 men early every time and just deal with it - failing to do so always ends up in a battle that does lots of damage to the castle. Given I've only just recouped my losses by the time the next ogre gathering comes up, I don't see how I'm going to get much further in the game.

Its a further problem, because whenever I shift to a new castle, I have to time it just right so that I have time to build an army in the new castle before the next ogre attack.

Is there a way to avoid the ogres for good, or do I just have to put up with it.