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I'm not really familiar with antivirus programs (I use Macs), but I decided I should take some more precautions with my computer's health and downloaded ClamXav (opensource). The first file that showed up with an "infection" was Castles 1 and with the "infection" "Win.Trojan.Chiton-167 .

I don't know if this is a false positive, or how it could occur that Castles has a trojan, so maybe someone could inform me just what may have gone on.

Only experienced users should comment, please, no baseless speculation.
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Okay, so I scanned through the log file (so tedious… -- should've done a string search) and here are the relevant files:

/Users/username/Applications/Wineskin/Castles 1 and Files/Adobe/Reader 9.0/Reader/plug_ins/AcroForm/PMP/AdobePDF417.pmp: Win.Trojan.Chiton-167 FOUND
/Users/username/Applications/Wineskin/Castles 1 and Files/Adobe/Reader 9.0/Reader/plug_ins/Multimedia/MPP/Flash.mpp: Win.Trojan.Chiton-210 FOUND
/Users/username/Applications/Wineskin/Castles 1 and Files/Adobe/Reader 9.0/Reader/plug_ins/Multimedia/MPP/MCIMPP.mpp: Win.Trojan.Chiton-170 FOUND
/Users/username/Applications/Wineskin/Castles 1 and Files/Adobe/Reader 9.0/Reader/plug_ins3d/3difr.x3d: Win.Trojan.Chiton-213 FOUND
/Users/username/Applications/Wineskin/Castles 1 and Files/Adobe/Reader 9.0/Reader/plug_ins3d/drvSOFT.x3d: Win.Trojan.Chiton-218 FOUND

Adobe, hmm… that leads me to believe this was not actually a false positive… so what should be done? Should I simply delete the relevant files? Should I petition to take care of this? What does this particular trojan do?

I'm going to add this thread to the main forum to give it a bit more traffic for responses… I'll post back here once some relevancy has been determined ;) .
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Checking out the files with other antivirus databases with shows that ClamAV was the only one to pick it up... so it's probably a false positive.

Besides that, this was an install from 2009 and's latest doesn't include Adobe Reader at all any more. Sorry, false alarm.

By the way, I should mention these were the only few files that ClamAV flagged, so false positives don't seem to be common and hopefully that's a sign that ClamAv is still relatively reliable.
Seriously? This game has been on GOG for 10 years and they still haven't fixed it? Wow! How many games on this site have viruses? Buyer beware!