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First time I visited Vendrick's domain I went out of sequence exploring and once I got all 22 sphere orbs nothing unlocked.

I tried again with 2 new save files and nothing popped. I got the Moon Seeker achievement across 2 saves and then got "Star Seeker".

I tried twice going in the intended checkpoint order in Vendrick's domain just to make sure it wasn't linked to "sequence-breaking" the game, nothing.

When I went back to my main and grabbed the last star I needed there I got "Star Collector" for owning every single orb, but still no "Orb Seeker".

Am I gonna have to nuke the game from my HD, reinstall it and replay from scratch from a brand new save again?

Anyone encountered this?

I asked on Steam as well but I doubt I'll get an answer.
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Bumping thought I have no illusions.

I reinstalled the game and started a new save file again, trying again to collect the 22 orbs while following the sequence of the cutscenes and nothing happened again.

Anyone encountered that problem? I find it annoying I cannot 100% the game due to some dumb glitch.