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I got the free Carmageddon TDR2000 (even though I've got the originals of each of the Carmageddon's) and I can't get this to work whatsoever!!!

I've tried most work arounds, installed programs recommended for the Steam version of the game (the one that allows it to see Voodoo as a graphics option (this just won't work at all when trying to profile the game)) plus editing the text files.

I've got Direct X 11 on it and it's got dual graphics cards but no matter what option I choose, whether I choose the screen resolution to be 800x600 or 1900x1200 or any in between, it just keeps saying that the program has stopped responding when I choose to start the game.

Any ideas and solutions would be greatly appreciated as I, don't tell anyone, quite like this version of the game and would like to play it.

I've got Carmageddon Max Damage and that runs on my laptop (albeit not brilliantly).

Thanks in advance everyone :)
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You could try it with dgVoodoo 2, but even if runs with that you will probably suffer reduced performance on a laptop.

Max Damage requires a rather powerful system, it runs smooth 60fps 1080p on my i7 4770K with RX 570.
You can also get it on consoles though it runs only at 30fps on PS4 and Xbox One.