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I am using the Win95 version of the game but for some reason it launches in widescreen mode so that the image is all stretched out. I would just like to play it in its original resolution with the black bars on the side. I edited the DDRAW.INI file as such:


I don't want to play in Windowed mode at all so I'm having trouble figuring out how to adjust the actual games resolution because if I change the width and height to 640x480 it plays windowed. I attached a screenshot if that helps at all.

I think I'm just missing something simple...
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Well, the 4:3 resolution you'd be looking for is 1440x1080. Unfortunately, trying to run the game at that res in full screen gives me the error "Unable to setup DirectDraw - please check that DirectX is installed"

However, it does run in windowed mode.

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OK I actually found out that editing the renderer in the DDRAW.INI file from OpenGL to GDI lets it run the way I want it to. I chose OpenGL though because I wanted VSync on and the scaling filter set to Linear. The FPS seem to be the highest this way...
Well whatever, I guess I'll just deal with it all stretched out. Still pretty surprising that no one has a fix for this...
A new patch based on the experimental 95 patch makes it possible to run C1/SP in high res (1280x720 and 1920x1080) (amongst a lot of other things) Have a look there for download links: It's better to start from a fresh install I suppose (the installer lets you clean the GOG install if necessary).
Holy crap! Thank you so much I'm going to give this a shot.