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I bought the carmageddon 1 and max pack bundle, which is using dosbox. I want to play it without dosbox, just plain old carma, with 3dfx is that possible? Right now I can only start carma.exe but it asks for a cd. If I try to start the carm3dfx.exe file i just get a black screen, and the window exits.

Any pointers/help will be greatly appreciated!
To play 3DFX version without DOSBox you need a similar replacement software like a GliDOS (commercial) - you can try the demo version. Or real DOS with 3DFX hardware. 3DFX version working only in DOS.

Install 95RPP (for Windows XP you can enable all wrappers). This will fix missing CD problem. Also it add software version playable directly from Windows.
Post edited May 03, 2019 by QTZ