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Alright so I've completed Carmageddon 2 by wrecking all of my opponents, and decided after that to try winning by actually racing through all the checkpoints to the finished line.

Well the results have been underwhelming to say the least; the game really feels like the racing portion was an afterthought to the demolition derby aspects of the game. So I have three questions about this:

1: Is the first Carmageddon any better when it comes to racing? The cars are WAY too hard to control in the second game with the precision needed to really race, and I almost never see my opponents on the track. So is the first title any better in this regard?

2: Is there any way I can make the second game more suitable for racing? Any cars I should buy, or maybe even some sort of mod that changes the moon-like gravity?

3: Can I keep Die Anna's car? I've heard it's impossible to get the car, but I've managed to buy it in the past. The problem is that it randomly seems to disappear from my game after I've bought it.

Thanks for any responses.
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1: The first game is pretty much the same and the cars are even harder to control.

2: I've never heard of such a mod, then again this doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

3: Strange, I haven't noticed this bug and played C2 a lot over the years though it may be possible I never noticed it.

You actually may want to check out TDR 2000 (aka. Carmageddon 3) as it's more focussed on chasing checkpoints as well as completing mission objectives, also the cars have more tight handling, though exploration and causing general mayhem is killed by the very short timelimit.
If you want a straight up racinggame you might want to look elsewhere, like Flatout, Screamer or Grid.
Thanks for the help, I was hoping there would be a solution in this series since the over-the-top violence isn't found in many other racing games.

I've actually been avoiding TDR 2000 because its reputation isn't the greatest from what I've seen, but maybe from a racing standpoint it'll appeal to me.