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Despite installation weirdness it works much better than DOS version
I only ask is there a way to bind the keys for driving to the arrow keys and a way to get rid of big black border in third person?
SovietSharkey: Despite installation weirdness it works much better than DOS version
I only ask is there a way to bind the keys for driving to the arrow keys and a way to get rid of big black border in third person?
I quite like the DOSBox version. With nglide 1.0 I can knock up the resolution to 1280x960 and still play it fine. Looks much nicer. Plus, you get the DOSBox keymapper tool that you can use to redefine all keys if you want to. Though I find the keypad works fine using 8,4,5,6. And DOSBox graphics settings can be used to fill the screen to my 16:10 widescreen monitor and although it is an aspect ratio stretch, it doesn't really look distorted at all.
SovietSharkey: Despite installation weirdness it works much better than DOS version
I only ask is there a way to bind the keys for driving to the arrow keys and a way to get rid of big black border in third person?
Plus and minus... took me a while to remember this, and it isn't in the keyboard options.. it's just *the* keys. =-]
This is fantastic! I still use an old CRT monitor so the stock resolution works great :)

I always have to tweak dos box because the sound always comes out screwed up, Fear Factory should never be glitchy!
LPRPG: Windows 7 32bit
Geforce GTX 460

The game runs a lot smoother / faster with this win95 patch.
But I experience lock ups / game crashes where the screen freezes.
I have to close the task when this happens. And this happens quite often.
RiffRaff1138: Just a heads-up, there's an issue with playing the Splat Pack in the Windows version. (Not just the GOG release, it was in the original as well.) It seems that for some reason that apparently nobody has been able to determine, the Bugutti and the Sled may crash the game.

Again, this is just in the Windows version. They won't crash the DOS version. However, If you (like me) can't get the DOS version to run well enough and must play the Windows version, there's three ways around this:

1. The easy way: Avoid them

Before you start a race in the Splat Pack, hit the "View Info" button, and then "View Racers". If you see Lady Bug (driver of the Bugutti) or Sinthea (the Sled) in the lineup, hit "Change Race" and choose a different one. The opponents will be randomized every time you switch, even if you switch back to one you checked before. Just keep switching until neither Bug or Sinthea is in the race.

Also, if you somehow acquire the Bugutti or Sled to drive yourself, don't try to drive them. This will also crash the game.

2. The not-quite-as-easy way: Fix them, maybe?

This seems to fix the issue, but I've read somewhere that it's not guaranteed.

First, you'll need to de-encrypt the game's files. Go to the pre-race menu (the one with "Change Race", "View Info", etc.) then type IWANTTOFIDDLE. You should hear a tire squeal, the game will freeze for a moment, then another squeal. Voila, de-encrypted. The game will still run whether the files are encrypted or not, but if you want to re-encrypt them, just use IWANTTOFIDDLE again.

Quit the game. Open your file browser, and go to the directory you installed the game to. Open the CARSPLAT folder, then the DATA folder, then CARS.

Make backup copies of BUGGIT.TXT and SLED.TXT. Open one of them (the original, that is, not the backup).

Find a line that says:
11,-1,2,1 // Driven wheels GroovyFunkRefs (for spinning) - MUST BE 4 ITEMS

Change that 11 to a -1, and save. Do this for both.

Run the game and see if it worked! As I said, I read somewhere that it might not work but it seems to for me.

3. The also-not-quite-as-easy-but-ultimately-time-saving way: Remove them from the game entirely

As with option 2, you'll need to de-encrypt the game's files. Follow the instructions as above.

Go to your CARSPLAT/DATA folder, as before, but don't go into any further subfolders. Make a backup copy of OPPONENT.TXT just in case, then open the original.

The very first line will be the number 40; This is the number of racers in the game. We're removing two of them, so change this number to 38.

Now, find the data for Sinthea (Opponent 2). Delete every line between the lines that say "// Opponent 2" and "// Opponent 3". The two slashes means that these opponent number lines are commented out; The game doesn't pay attention to them, they're strictly there for human convenience. You can delete one of them if you want to keep things tidy, but it isn't strictly necessary.

Scroll way down to Lady Bug's data (Opponent 21) and delete it as well. Save. You just got rid of the game-crashing opponents! Well done, have a cookie.

I haven't tested the game extensively with these two opponents removed, but if it's done properly then I can't think of any reason why it should create any problems. If there are, well, that's why we backed up OPPONENT.TXT.
Riffraff explained it all. ;)
Hi guys, I noticed that few players experienced not so great graphics in splat pack. I played original Carmageddon using "carm95.exe" and it worked perfect, but splat-pack didn't (graphics like in DOS). After going through this forum and Carmageddon wiki, i ran "carm95.exe" with "-hires" switch and it worked great, no more DOS-like graphics. You can run this with switch either through console, or create file named "carm.bat" (extension is important, put whatever name you want), and inside put:
"carm95.exe -hires" (without quotes), save and run

That's it :)
Working perfect for me when it was struggling previously. Standard 2010 netbook specs:

Atom N455 1.6Ghz
Intel 3150 GMA

Thanks for the patch!
I get "Carmageddon has stopped working"?
Firek: snip

Also, let us know in case you encounter problems with it, or if it works perfectly for you. :)
Works fine on Phenom II X6
AMD 7770

Works perfectly for me

core i7 740qm
8 gb ram
mobility hd5850

i prefer this to the hardware verion, more nostalgic feel, love it
Works fine on Dell Latitude E5400
Intel 4500HD
Win 7 home basic x64

Firek: Our release contains the DOS version by default, complete with both software and 3Dfx/Glide rendering modes. As you may know, however, Carmageddon also came with a Windows 95 patch.

Because this version has got problems with some ATI/AMD cards, as well as not-so-stellar multiplayer support, we do not want to make it available as an actual part of the release itself. This version will allow for higher resolutions, most likely better framerate, but may also be unstable on some PCs, or not work at all.

Basically, we only support the actual DOS release available in the installer and, if you want to try the Windows version, you do it at your own peril. ;) Just to clarify, the patch does not replace the DOS version, so it's safe to use - there's just no guarantee that it will work better than the default version, or at all.

You can download the patch here. We strongly recommend installing it by right-clicking the file and selecting "Run as Administrator".

Also, let us know in case you encounter problems with it, or if it works perfectly for you. :)
Nope, sorry GOG. The patch installs and works perfect right up till the point wear you are shown the car line ups for the race. Then when you press start the game crashes and comes up with unknown issue. Any body else had this.

O.k this is strange...... The patch does work I just had to start the game from the short cut. And it does not seem to care if I run it as administrator.
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the patch works fine for me, i have win 7 64 bit
Worked perfectly for me on Windows 7 64 Bits. The DOS version runs with low frame rate and lag in sound.

The patch should already be available on the site. For me it is the only option to enjoy the game properly.

My specs: AMD Phenon II Quad-Core Processor, 4,0 Gb Ram, Ati Radeon 6550M (renamed version of the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650).

Congratulations, another victory for GOG.COM!
Not only does it run better , it looks better as well, good job.