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Lyz: I just installed Carmageddon 2 and I have some issues so I can't play :(
1) Random freezes : when I try to go to a menu the game often freeze. (in the start menu or in game)
2) Click doesn't work : after a short random time the click stop working and I can't use it
3) The game freeze each time I try to play so I want to quit it. But when I do alt+tab or I open the task manager I can't interact with it. The only solution I found is to do ctrl+alt+del and to close my session.
4) When I want to change the volume with my functions keys (fn+F11, fn+F12), the car use its horn and I can't stop it.

I tried few compatibility options but nothing change.
Best to write to our Support department about technical issues like these. Thanks. :)