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Good day to you all.

I just bought Carmageddon Max Pack and Carmageddon 2 Carpocalypse Now, I installed them, but they wont start. Can anyone tell me, please, how can I (fully and without problems) run these games on Windows XP? And how exactly can I bind keys to WASD in DosBox mapper?

Thank you!
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C2 should work in Windows XP without any problems (with all wrappers), for MaxPack 95RPP is recommended (all wrappers can be enabled).
To run those games look for shortcuts in Start menu.
To bind keys better use CKB, which set keys directly to use in game instead of for DOS Box only. So key binding will work in all C1/SP modes including 95 mode and in C2 where DOS Box is not required / not included.
Note: you have to configure keys for C1, SP, C2 separately (you can copy C1 keys config file over SP, since both games using same file format, for C2 you can export C1 keys and then edit in CKB - import/export is available only in C1 mode).

Also read similar topics on Steam and included documentation.
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Hi! My Carmageddon 2 started to run in Windows XP normally after deletion (moving to another folder) of 2 of it's files: "winmm" & "wsock32".

Pro-tip for viewing distance: Go to file Data / options.txt
change parameter YON ( in line 8.) to about 100 or more if U want.
Changing graphic options ingame will reset this.