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I don't know but I remember this game being a pushover. Now I am constantly bankrupt and almost never have any money and all my products bring back almost nothing.

I have changed a few things from back in the day, maybe I've gone a bit too far.
I've been trying to see if I can get enough inspiration to spend all that money and have DRM for Capitalism Lab.

I've installed the Capitalism 2 Balance mod.

I'm playing with 4 cities
Very Low start-up Capital
Frequent Random Events(this ended my last game as my first store burned down twice in 2 years)
1990 starting year
may retail store types
Yes to stock investment
On for Complex City Economy
I have 10 competitors
Very Low competitor start-up Capital.
Low Competitor Expertise Level
No for Show Competitor Trade Secrets
Very High for Competence of Local Competitors.
3 seaports importing consumer good per city
3 seaports importing industrial goods per city
No for Constant Import Supply
Moderate for Import Quality

Which settings do you think I should alter.
1) I am thinking of lowering random events to rare. It's no fun to have your buildings constantly burn down.
What else to make it fair?