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Finally finished it, the middle part was the hardest for some reason.
Haven't finished since back when it was new so it felt almost like new for me now.
Awesome game!
The PC version is quite inferior to the Amiga version, though - a bit lower resolution, terrible sound effects & music.. but it's still great.
I had trouble with the helicopter sound in this game, when I was riding one - I just got a bunch of seemingly random sound effects (shooting, screaming, bombs) and the sound would continue after the level was finished.
I also had slowdowns where I had to quit and restart the game to get it back to normal speed.
Anyone else got these issues?
Anyway, yay (attached image) :D
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Haven't finished it (ever), but the Sensible Golf-advertisement in the end screen caught my attention. I'd actually forgotten about that game, but that's not the point.
Wasn't it fun back when game developers would experiment with different genres like this? I mean, Sensible Software did action games, strategy games, platform games, football games, golf games, and so on (they even made a trainspotting game, ffs) - and they were far from the only studio who had such a varied output. These days, it seems most studios just make one kind of game, so if you've played one product from them you know what to expect for the next ten years....
Just a useless little rant. And there are exceptions, of course.
Nope, never finished either. It's one hell of a hard game.
I've just finished it (though I finally had to skip Mission 18-3 because it always crashed). It was a real challenge and pleasure. Funny, despite the sometimes insane difficulty, once I figured out the "solution" for a level, I could finish previously impossible-looking levels with almost no losses. (I managed to get to Mission 10 with only two casualties.)
The middle levels (8-12) are definitely the most difficult; though the end of the game contains some nasty surprises, but at that time you and your men are so skilled - and you have plenty of resources if you played carefully at the previous levels - that they're certanily doable.
But the end of the game was so lame and disappointing... :(
Bolch76: [...]once I figured out the "solution" for a level, I could finish previously impossible-looking levels with almost no losses. [...]
This is what makes hard, but good games! :)

The first times you are like "what the hell? this is not possible!"... but after a while it becomes almost natural. And newbies watch enchanted...
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Sensible Software initiate here! Proud to say I've polished off CF this day. To think I was ever bested by the likes of mission 5 or mission 7... I expect I could do those in my sleep now. Little did I know the horrors that lay in store. The protracted campaigns with five or six phases were, predictably, the worst in terms of testing my resolve. Mercifully, they were occasionally followed by single phase missions which made it possible to replenish dwindling troop numbers. Intermittent lock-ups rendered mission 20-3 impassable, so I was (annoyingly) forced to skip that phase. Still, I completed 71 of the 72 levels legitimately. As was pointed out above, the middle section contains the bulk of the weeder levels. Indeed, that's where I sustained the heaviest losses. Get past the middle and I reckon your chances of completing the game will be increased exponentially. That's not to say the later levels aren't themselves "dam tuff", and in particular, mission 18 very nearly brought me to my knees. All in all, CF's a toughie but a goodie! Boot Hill was devastatingly littered with hundreds of headstones by the time I'd reached the end.
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