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Changelog for Update (added 14 November 2016):

- Added the Mac & Linux version of Candle to everyone's accounts.
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Gangelog for update 1.1.06 / GOG-2 (Windows) / GOG-2 (Mac) / GOG-2 (Linux) (added 28 November 2016):

- Tweaked the official mapping for the Steam Controller
- Small fix to German texts in the tutorial area
- Fixed candle turning off when transtitioning to the moss altar area for some users (with very low performance)
- Fixed a bug in which Teku could get stuck after picking the cultist’s canteen if he was previously hiding in the vase of the cellar
- Fixed a bug in which Teku could hang infinitely from the lever that calls the Collector
- Fixed a bug in which Teku would walk infinitely towards the Collector under the giant tree roots
- Fixed a bug in which Teku would walk infinitely towards the pot lid inside the cellar of monkey town if the crate was inbounds
- Fixed rare bug that made the ground collider around the collector disappear
- Fixed a bug that could make Teku keep the decoy doll after rescuing the Musician
- Fixed a bug that could lead a Wakcha in the swamp to run infinitely towards a ledge
- Fixed a bug that allowed Teku to walk away the Collector and still keep the dialogue open
- Fixed a bug that could stop Teku forever while interacting with the Toad King. Hungry king will now always eat little Teku
- Fixed a very minor bug that allowed the player to trigger an old narrator comment about the baby monkey after delivering it to its mother
- The underwater oyster in the cave now properly blocks the player movement
- Tweaked how some ledge masks work in the temple
- Tweaked how the cave geysers start playing every time a checkpoint is loaded (no delay now)
- Teku now can't use a save spot if a Wakcha is chasing him
- If Teku kills the first Wakcha near the pond in 1-2 using the dart, the second one will now always catch him before he leaves (no “dart already used” blocker anymore)
- Story-related Achievements will now always trigger correctly
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Changelog for patch 1.1.12 / GOG-3 (Windows) / GOG-3 (Mac) / GOG-3 (Linux) (added 20 February 2017):

- Teku Studios intro logo is now skippable
- Correctly synched fire particle and audio playback in Tziquinahá for the torch minigame puzzle
- Teku can now also fill the canteen with the water stream in Tziquinahá for the torch minigame puzzle if its positioned up above
- Fixed Toad King to Fireplace scenes transition bug when the bees are chasing Teku
- Fixed a very rare case in which spamming the 'jump' button while turning quickly would make Teku jump backwards
- Fixed a rare bug in which Teku could get stuck in Monkey Town if hanging under the wooden crate while still over the trapdoor hole
- Fixed several other possible issues with the wooden crate in Monkey Town
- Fixed a very, very rare and elusive disappearing audio bug in the Diwus scene
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Changelog for patch 1.1.17 / (Windows) / (Mac) / (Linux) (added 19 June 2017):

- Tweaked controller detection since very rarely some users were still not able to use Xbox pads.
- Fixed a rare bug in the hanging fish scene that would freeze a Wakcha and wouldn't let it move.
- For new players, the default control scheme is the Modern one by popular request.