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I'm still at my first playthrough and until 100 AD it was challenging because i started surrounded by 4 Nations that tried to conquer me. After erasing them from was easy going and i decided to change towards a peacefull diplomatic build up or destroy Nation only though indirect means.

The smalest AI-Nation asked for a Research-treaty around 1500 AD and i accepted because i had planned to build this Nation up at the close future. They had the worst ranking in every aspect but lived secured at a medium island.

Several turns later i decided to support them activly now...examing their situation...i was suprised that they nearly catched up with me as far as it counts for research^^
I observed their advances for 50 additional turns...and...they seemed to research as fast as me now...although
i owned all wonder (including Lyceum, the Telescope, Internet and the Field Dynamics Lab) and had 45 citys with 25+ Population compared to their "proud" 12 citys with 10-18 Population.

Now..1750 AD...they still always catch up with me, only falling back if they research somthing i did not allready researched.

The description for the Research Treaty said...both Nations would get a researchbonus...but ...i got nothing and they got a divine research boost^^...

Is this a bug or it's intended to work in this way?

(By the way, their fast research can't be the result of spying because i 1. blocked their direct shiping route and 2. Counterspy are placed in all Cities and at important routes therefor it's unlikly that they can spy me without being watched at least)

And how the Hell i can break this dammed treaty without declacring war?
So..anwsering my "Mainquestion" myself.

While doing some "research" i found several statments from Moders that mentioned the Research Treaty.

Apparently it's no bug, only a ill-conceived design because it works somehow like giving 105% of the Researchvalue as a Bonus.

Unfortunately i didn't find any official Statement.

Anyway...the Thread can be closed