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I have loaded CTP2 and my mouse is very unresponsive and quite jumpy. I have tried modyfying screen resolution with 1024 x 768 having the slightest improvment.

My monitor is actually 4K .

I am running the game in compatible mode of XP service pack 3, so videos at the start work.But I cannot get into gamepla as the mouse jumps all over the place.

Anyone else have this issue? i would also like to play the game at a higher resolution if possible. Also no sound or music.
I also have this issue with an uncontrollable mouse pointer. Unlike you, I am running the game with the stock graphics settings, but I don't think the graphics settings have anything to do with the problem. I think the mouse inputs are being misinterpreted by the game itself. I have no suggestions to solve the problem, but I'm hoping someone else might have a solution.
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I think you're right about the input, I've had a few older games that had the same issue, I managed to get them working well enough by just dialing back the DPI, if your mouse doesn't support that then look into windows options to slow cursor speed or just swap out the mouse for an older one, thats how I figured it was DPI in the first place.
I've lowered my mouse DPI as low as I can without changing Windows settings (My mouse has buttons on it to adjust DPI, though I guess I could try the config program for my mouse) as well as changing the mouse sensitivity in game and so far the only solution I've found is that using the trackpad on my laptop seems more responsive. Who would have thought that the track pad would be the more responsive option?