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Simply put: I'm getting major visual glitches with the game intro. See attached image.

Details now:
I'm trying to get this game to work well on either one of my computers: a WinXP 32bit desktop PC or a Win7 64bit laptop. The laptop appears to be making more general trouble, so I've decided to focus on solving the issues with the desktop PC first.

On that WinXP desktop PC, the opening logos/intro looks all wrong, I've taken a screenshot of what the first logo looks like for me. I thought it might be a codec issue; so far I've tried disabling Indeo in K-lite Codec Pack options, removing the entire codec, reinstalling Indeo 5, setting compatibility with Win95, etc. - you know, looking into the usual suspects. To no avail, I might add. Also, with said codec pack still installed, I played retail Civ3 without a single issue and with the intro all in place.

The "general" game runs fine - it seems to be stable, the music is there. I haven't tested it for wonder/research videos, so I can't say for certain those will be glitched as well, but that's what I'd expect.

Finally, the only other viable culprit is a fairly modern GPU - Asus GTX 550 Ti, I haven't touched the GPU drivers so far, though, since it's not AMD/ATi and rolling back would solve little.

Have you encountered similar problems and could lend me a hand with this little problem?
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hi there.

This is a normal issue with older games. I know you have said that you have dealt with the usual suspects but have you tried reducing the resolution that the game runs at. this could possibly fix this issue to some degree.

also it may be possible that running the game as an admin may or may not help.

please post back to say how you got on.
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platercake: please post back to say how you got on.
Actually, it was already fixed a few weeks after my initial post. Since there was no response up to that point, I stopped checking and forgot all about the post. Thanks for the tip, though. What did the job for me was actually a clean removal of the codec pack and reinstalling its much newer version. I didn't even have to disable that codec (indeo) like you have to do with Commandos 1, or remove the pack altogether like with McGee's games.

I still can't get the game to run properly on my laptop (Win7 64bit), but it doesn't matter now that the XP 32bit machine runs fine. I haven't tested it for all the solutions posted in other threads, I'm pretty sure if I needed a different solution, I'd find it somewhere in there.

The resolution trick helped with Disciples 2, which still gives me some headaches on the Win7 64bit system. Now it runs on every third try as opposed to not at all.

Thanks again for the tip. Cheers!
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