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I can't post links it seems, so I will try and explain the steps below:

1) Open Control Panel

2) Open Programs and Features

3) On the left hand side should be a tab called 'Turn Windows Features on or off', click on that

4) Look for 'Legacy Components' inside Windows Features and enable DirectPlay inside it.

Welp, nvm, it worked temporarily for me but then started lagging again. Really wanted to play this game again, and I actually always preferred its mechanics to the main Civilization series, mainly the public works and goverments.
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Have you looked into the CTP2 Source Project? Because that's probably the way you're going to get this old thing to rattle again.

That, or cramming it into WINE.
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I have no clue how to install the CTP2 Source Project on windows. They give an explanation for Linux, but I don't have any idea how to do github stuff. At all.