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Well, since I've been meaning to play a point & click adventure game ever since I finished Thimbleweed Park, and bought the recently released The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk, I didn't think I'd be interested in any releases by GOG, this week. Turns out I was wrong. Just in time for Halloween (not that we celebrate it, over here, but whatever), I saw Bulb Boy on the front page, advertised as a horror point & click adventure, so I *had* to give it a go. Bought it, installed it (small download) and started it. Standard Unity launcher, changed the graphics to something better than the preset "Fastest", started the game. Now, here is where the problem started. Everything on screen was horizontally inverted (even if the clicking area for the buttons is in the same regular place). Tried looking around for a fix, found nothing. Restarted the PC, reinstalled the game, still nothing.

Then, I launched the game with the preset settings it came with. It ran fine. Switched resolution, still fine. Changed graphics to "Good"... inverted. Back to "Fastest": fine, again.

So, if you have a setup that is making Bulb Boy run horizontally inverted for you, *DON'T* change the graphic settings in the launcher to anything else than "Fastest". If you did change it and the game runs OK for you, well, more power to you, I guess. But if you are running the game on a setting other than Fastest graphics quality and it's inverted, switch it back and everything should be OK.

Happy gaming, everyone!
What a queer little issue. I'm running on the highest graphics setting and had a couple of graphic glitches. But nothing as unusual as this. Did you get round to playing the game? I think I've put an hour into last night, it's weird, creepy but adorable.