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This game is screaming (with pinched harmonics played by Dimebag Darrel dueling with Zakk Wilde) for the soundtrack to be released with it. When you guys release the soundtrack with it, you have a sale out of me. Not before.
Firebrand9: When you guys release the soundtrack with it, you have a sale out of me. Not before.
If you are referring to the 107 licensed tracks then it will never happen. Damn, but I would love to have that soundtrack myself.
Doublefine has a habit of selling its soundtracks separately. You'll notice that Psychonauts doesn't include a soundtrack on this site either, but it's available from Doublefine's store. Perhaps it's to do with some agreement that Peter McConnell signed with them?

As for Brutal Legend... Yeah, there is no way in hell that you're going to get a single package containing 107 different songs from 75 bands. That is a licensing nightmare, and frankly I'm amazed that they got all that for the game, let alone for separate album sales.

The 20 original tunes are for sale, though, if that's enough to satisfy your need for METAAAAAAAAAAL!
The original Score is nice, if you like an instrumental semi-symphonic metal score. Plus that horrible Kabbage Boy song, which is still good for laughs. Like in other games, Peter McConell knows how to do it. If you are after the "real" metal songs from the game, it is time to start a record collection. I found a couple of good bands through the game, in a way it is one big advertisement campaign for the heavy metal industry.
I am absolutely not a metal fan, but this game has managed to give me an appreciation for the music and the culture. Man was this game one awesome experience from start to finish. Double Fine really polished the shit out of this in every way. It was an eye opener for me.