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Title said it all
This question / problem has been solved by Alexrdimage
- Higher quality anti-aliasing using FXAA (BL console used EdgeAA).
- Optional super high quality super-sampled anti-aliasing (SSAA).
- Support for resolutions > 720p (whatever your monitor/GPU will support).
- Screen-space ambient occlusion (SSAO) which makes for better contact shadows and more solid looking objects.
- Support for keyboard and mouse.
- Uncapped rendering (>30 fps, up to whatever your GPU and monitor can handle).
- High fidelity (60 fps) simulation option for single player.
- Increased draw distance with user settable overrides.
- Improved shadow quality, distance, and resolution.
- User settable FOV.
- Fully remappable controls.
- Major improvements to the network code.
- Text chat.
- All DLC content from the console versions.
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Have to admit, that sounds pretty neat.