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Hi, at the beginning of chapter "Ripe pickings" Baker character stands next to table with other soldiers and dialog plays. Howver, after the fialog, character cannot move. Baker has no weapon, no units under command, he can only crouch, look around, nothing else. Did anybody else have such problem? Any recommendation how to overcome it? Thanks

dr.schliemann - further info: Windows 10, Dell Optipelx 780, nVidia card 1 GB. Until this chapter the game ran without any problem. Loading previous save points, I can move. But here, I am stuck on place without weapons. It is as if the gamescript waits for something, but even after several minutes no movement possible.
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neal_cz: Any recommendation how to overcome it?
It's hard to say what is causing it. Moreover you provided no information about your system (OS, hardware, etc.).
I suggest you to try enabling/disabling Vsync either in game or using your video card settings manager. Supposing that you are using a modern OS, another possible solution could be setting the game to run in compatibility mode for Windows XP.