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This launch has been a rough one. We’re glad so many people have enjoyed playing the game. We’ve loved watching the streams, engaging with you all and hearing about your positive experience with Broken Roads.

But we know that, overall, we’ve fallen short of player expectations
in some key areas and in many ways we’ve not delivered the quality game we had hoped to ship, so we’re changing that. Our work on Broken Roads is far from over.

We have taken the criticism on board.
There’s a lot we can improve and a lot we can outright redo
because it just isn’t good enough. On top of fixing bugs and issues with quest logic, we’ve also been gathering feedback on the main areas we need to refine. You want more freedom from the early game.
You connected with the companions you met, but wish they had more depth and more to say along the way, and you want to level them up yourselves as you go. We greatly underestimated how much combat players expected during the origin stories.
You want more features such as being able to click on the map to move the party. Moral or ethical moments that could have been far more interesting lack depth. Translations need to be improved. Combat needs a lot of work.

We’re on it. We have a short term roadmap that begins with what we’re delivering by the end of next week, a May patch goal that aims to flesh out some areas of the game where players have felt they wanted to see more, and we’re busy working on a longer-term list of improvements
that all address your most commonly reported issues and areas where Broken Roads is falling short.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in Broken Roads
, and for caring enough to comment and report issues. We welcome all feedback and suggestions, be it on forums or our official Discord, and are getting to work from Monday.

She’ll be right.

Craig Ritchie
Game Director