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Hey everyone!

It's been a crazy 48 hours at Drop Bear Bytes since we launched Broken Roads, we've received a lot of feedback, suggestions, and reported bugs with translation and a range of other QoL improvements needed to make all of your experience better.

We appreciate some of you may also have been disappointed with Broken Roads for a range of different reasons such as the lack of combat, companion interjections, and many more. However, we wanted to let you all know that we hear you, understand your frustrations, and that we're not going anywhere.

Everything from the Steam reviews and discussion board has all been noted down for the development team and we will be making more improvements to Broken Roads in the coming weeks and a roadmap
of when to expect these improvements so stay tuned.

Here are some improvements and fixes we've added


Retreat tutorial added to Orkney Heights Barter Crew Combat
Players spawn closer to their objective in Orkney Heights
Fixed an issue where "PlayerState.CharacterName" showed in a dialogue in Russian translation
Improved the size of the helmet and its interaction point in Orkney Heights to improve the Barter Crew origin story
Fixed an unselectable tent interaction point in Orkney Heights
Added additional SFX to the menus and other parts of the UI
Made it clearer where the camel cart is during the Barter Crew origin story by having the camera pan to it
Added more VO to Frida Lamm at the start of the Barter Crew origin story
Fixed some enemies not resetting their health and loot in random encounters
Fixed an issue where you couldn't tell Sean that Bitey was comfortable before getting Bitey unstuck.
Unchecked a few erroneous cyclopedia highlights (eg tool) that were coming up in dialogue in the wrong context.
Fixed Mad's interaction point in Merredin so you stand next to her
Solved an issue where some objectives were not updating correctly when freeing Connor while the Scott Measure quest is active

Thank you to everyone who has supported us this far and for letting us know what we need to do to create a better experience for you all.