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Let me post the patches logs :) The GOG team is currently busy updating to 1.03, which fixes a potential crash a few players experienced while completing the prologue.

- Translations fixes.
- Fixed bug : Border Post camera could hit itself
- Some keys were not labelled/detected in the redefine key menu.
- Resetting to default keys while in the menu caused the menu to disappear.
- Redefining a key would mess the order of clickable areas after scrolling all the way down.
- Added 10 fanarts.
- New extras number displayed was wrong.
- Fixed issue with enemies changing direction while jumping.
- Fixed rat chief could be damaged by its own rocks.
- Fixed rat chief jump which didn't work after first special attack.
- Fixed rat chief special attack bowlders size was increased.
- Fixed rocks shadow display didn't take account of floor height position.
- Increased defense and probability of attack for the rat chief.
- Enemies movement vertical speed was reduced (it was the same as horizontal speed).
- Pressing TAB would make a noise, it was removed. (this button is used for switching characters, which isn't possible in chapter 1)
- Missing lipsync on the map screen.
- In pharmacy, clicking on exit after choosing several products would exit dialogue abruptly.

- Improved Dart rat front sprite.
- Fixed bug : clicking on the barrier in the last sewers room while being on bottom floor would cause Brok disappearing and being stuck.
- Fixed bug : the special attack when used in rooms with higher platforms like the pyramid server room (Brok would go on the highest platform and disappear)
- Fixed bug : pressing shoulder buttons on the demo end screen would display the menu.
- Fixed bug : doing a jumpkick on the merchant stall in Sector 56X would leave Brok stuck in jumpkick position.
- Fixed bug : we could hit Sin & the glasses from behind the wall in bathroom
- Fixed bug : we could fall off many platforms out of bound in the pyramid room
- Fixed animation when Brok is closing door in his bedroom's apartment
- Added possible movement with keyboard arrows in adventure mode (in addition to WASD)
- "Inscription" label misplaced in last nightmare room
- Japanese translation fixes.

- Fixed bug : potential crash in the pyramid / server room when a character moves in certain parts
high rated
- Fixed bug : Player choices for prologue were not properly sent. Also it could potentially crash when attempting to send them (which happens after finishing the prologue).
- Fixed bug : Food bought after losing three times (on gameover screen) would not stay in inventory if player still had at least one food item.
- Fixed bug : If trying to leave garage but we need to talk more to Shay, Brok collisions were disabled until player exits the room.
- Fixed bug : Menu could no longer be closed if we pressed B with the gamepad to go back when offered a choice
- Resized sprite when attacking down
- End screen could not be controlled with the gamepad
- Added 2 fanarts

- Fixed bug : After exiting the bathroom, it wasn't possible to interact with Sin unless going back to/from fight mode
- Gun in last sewers room difficult to see - increased contrast and added outline
- Added a minimum width to the speech bubbles so they're easier to see when dialog text is very short

- Fixed bug : Save confirmation when overwriting a manual save was missing.
- Fixed bug : Closing summary restarted the game but kept all variables, meaning starting a new game immediately after would keep the inventory and actions already done.
- Fixed visual bug when exiting game.
- Fixed bug : "final boss of the prologue" could sometimes throw an attack while hit by the player.
- Fixed bug : "sprite not found" could appear in the player contacts. (NB : it will persist in the existing save files prior patch but is only a minor display issue)
- Fixed bug : if for some reason items we threw in the sewers were not picked up the first time, player was unable to progress.
- Fixed bug : Using the wet "Pred" toy on pipe mail when the Tribot cop is already gone would crash.
- Slightly increased time between attacks of the "final boss of the prologue" to make this fight less frustrating (in easy and normal difficulty)
- After losing a fight 3 times, the game was supposed to offer player to change to an easier difficulty - but due to a bug it only worked with "hard" difficulty.
- Removed chapter select - it wasn't supposed to be accessible in the prologue.
high rated
- Fixed bug : Ads for the world map weren't listed in the menu, leading to incorrect total.
- Fixed potential bug : Events were not blocked in-between loading a save and the room switch.
- Fixed collisions in the first sewers area which were a bit buggy.
- Added small cutscene to make the alternative way to defeat the rats a little more obvious.
- "How to run" tutorial was missing (at the start of the pyramid building)
- Drones are now less likely to shoot when being hit, so it's less frustrating.
- Drones shadow is now more visible, to evaluate distance a bit easier.
- Brok now walks directly towards ads in the lake in front of the garage.
- Interaction for the ad in Drumer street enlarged to the whole garbage to make it easier.
- Added possibility to use lever to solve some situations.
- Slight improvement to mail packages puzzle.
- Added load menu access in fight mode.
- ALT + ENTER could go fullscreen during fights by accident.
high rated
- Fixed bug : It was possible to perform some menu actions while calling someone with the phone.
- Fixed bug : Scrolling the menu before using a vending machine would make it scrolled as well (so items to buy were out of view). Also happened when showing items to a character.
- Fixed bug : "Objective updated" animation displayed during a pause (eg : menu, talking to a character...) would stay infinitely on screen until player comes back to gameplay.
- Fixed bug : Using DPAD to select an item to show to a character wouldn't access the third row.
- Fixed bug : When breaking bedroom door while Graff is inside, there were two PCs displayed.
- Fixed bug : The new cutscene with the rats could trigger during fight which is awkward.
- Buying glucosite : Brok could report he didn't have enough money even if he does.
- Adjusted triggers in sewers for the skip and to prevent grabbing the mine before even talking to the rats.
- Brok could say he's looking for the gun while calling Sin even if he already had it.
- Tramp medicine topic was separated from the topic about himself, so it can be noticed without exhausting all dialog options.
- Long term objective for the Tramp is now indicated with a hourglass - it's meant for later in the game.
- Added 1 fanart.
high rated
- Fixed bug : Entering the lake in front of Shay's garage with special effects disabled could cause a crash.
- Fixed bug : Clicking very fast at the title screen then options would cause a soft lock.
- Fixed bug : Collision in first sewers screen could still be glitchy.
- When losing against the rats in the sewers, we now restart in front of them.
- Added 1 fanart.
high rated
- Loadings improved : The assets cache was way too small. I increased it, which makes coming back to previous rooms MUCH faster (at the cost of a little more RAM usage)
- Fixed bug : Crates did not appear in the Virtual Arena due to a bug.
- Fixed bug : Pressing pause while "start fight" or another text animation on screen would make it infinitely zooming out.
- Fixed bug : Bridge ad respawned when leaving screen.
- Fixed bug : Bubble ad in pharmacy could not be picked when using a controller.
- Fixed bug : Some timers were not adjusted when skipping cutscenes.
- Fixed bug : Holding Space while entering a room with 'skip cutscenes' enabled allows Brok to move fast through the entire room.
- Fixed bug : Skip cutscenes while exiting the Alley forces Brok to re-enter the Alley.
- Fixed bug : Scanning the prescription again after helping the tramp opened a second copy of his objective.
- Fixed bug : Tramp sprite was half the size when killed by the rats.
- Fixed bug : Gameover for getting killed by the tribots in the pyramid was not listed and had no text.
- Possible fix for a rare bug with Dart's grab causing the player to be launched in the air and then falling to death (I could not reproduce the issue so *hopefully* my fix works).
- Reduced timer for falling rocks to 15 seconds in Virtual Arena.
- Increased probability for Dart to grab.
- Attacking with stick now makes more damage.
- Added 3 fanarts.
high rated
- Implemented "spin tail" special attack to get rid of enemies surrounding Brok!
Press the special attack button briefly to execute it.
It consumes 10% of the player health.
This is the only action that can be triggered when the player is currently being hit.
No enemy can interrupt it.

- Optimized and increased assets cache again.
- Some players disabled ads hints by accident, so I now display a message when hovering the icon in menu if they're disabled.
- Added a "back" choice when choosing an option.
- Added a missing gameover type (escaping rats).
- Showing an item from the menu to a character no longer keeps the cursor as the item.
- Implemented code to disable "skip cutscenes" in parts where skipping can lead to bugs.
- Fixed potential bug : If player dies right after killing the last enemy on screen, the experience bar still displays causing glitches. Changed it so player cannot die right after a fight.
- Fixed bug : Throwing an uppercut at Dart while he's grabbing would send Brok flying upwards (this time I was able to reproduce AND fix it!)
- Fixed bug : Exiting the virtual arena twice in a row (due to another bug) caused inventory/food to be wiped out.
- Fixed bug : Exiting the virtual arena while it's already over is not possible anymore.
- Fixed bug : Skipping fight choice could still be accessed right after the fight ended.
- Fixed bug : Panels lights in pyramid would sometimes disappear.
- Fixed bug : Grabbing the ad inside the dome couldn't be done with gamepad.
- Fixed bug : Antenna of Border Post listed twice.
- Fixed bug : Brok no longer falls down immediately into the hole in the last sewers room.
- Fixed bug : In certain locations (where there's perspective correction), holding an item would display Brok's hand at an incorrect position or wrongly colored.
- Fixed bug : Added WASD support in some "closeups" like sewers pipe snake, Trasher hunt crane...
- Fixed bug : Clicking on alley lasers would trigger a dialogue with the Tribot cop even if it was already dead.
- Fixed bug : Prevented from going straight from Sin's to the pyramid without going/talking to Shay + little dialogue bug when clicking the pyramid door.
- Fixed bug : Player could get back on floor after falling in hole in the last sewers room, causing a graphical glitch
- Fixed bug : Player could perform a super high jump with an uppercut which wasn't displayed.
- Fixed bug : Softlock if Brok is on the table when the fight with the last prologue boss ends.
- Fixed bug : Potential sewers pipe graphical glitches.
- Fixed bug : Enemies/player side when getting thrown was sometimes wrong.
- Fixed bug : Putting down an inventory item when combining triggered the description dialogue, which could lead to a softlock if performed twice.
- Fixed bug : Trying to escape rats while skipping cutscenes caused the rats to get damaged instead of Brok and a potential softlock.
- Fixed bug : Two gameover types were not possible (fight against rat chief and throwing a mine)
- Fixed bug : Could not press "back" button with gamepad in options after a choice appears.
- Fixed bug : Gameover type for rats in sewers fight wasn't set after the first fight.
- Fixed bug : If somehow we managed to kill Kins/Dart before the fight in sewers, the game would lockup.
- Fixed bug : Enemies appearing in virtual arena would not look / were not facing the player properly.
- Fixed bug : Controller type choice was not restored properly for Xbox One and Switch Pro types.
- Added 11 fanarts + all the reference sheets for the characters in the Prologue.
- Fanart authors "Twitter" tag (if any) is now indicated when viewing a fanart.
high rated
PROLOGUE 1.12 (January 27th 2020)
- Moved "Gameovers" to the "Progress" tab.
- Added labels to the Summary.
- Reduced difficulty of "final boss", especially when he reaches low health.
- Removed a duplicate gameover (throwing the explosive mine)
- Fixed bug : Switching to fight mode with mouse and then using keyboard would cause issues (ENTER would press the switch button again repeatedly)
- Fixed bug : Collisions in Border Post area could get player/enemies stuck beyond the frontier or fall from the top.
- Fixed bug : Collisions in Back alley area could get player/enemies stuck beyond the wall.
- Fixed bug : Tabs in menu would not always extend to the full width.
- Fixed bug : If we manage to fall down the sewers manhole without breaking all crates, we could get stuck when coming back.
- Fixed bug : Removed the message preventing from leaving Drumer street if we left something in the pipe mail, which could cause to get stuck. Now the item automatically goes back to inventory.
- Fixed bug : Falling bowlders could hurt already-KOed enemies if we'd do a special attack at a precise moment during the fight with rat chief.
- Fixed bug : Unleashing a special attack before an enemy is supposed to be available to hit (eg : spawning) lead to weird behaviors.
- Fixed bug : Crates sprites could get flipped in virtual arena.
- Fixed bug : When pressing UP, attack, jump and run buttons at the same time, Brok would stay in jump position when reaching floor.
- Fixed bug : Switching to keyboard controls after clicking to move could cause Brok to "moonwalk".
- Fixed bug : When clicking on the elevator from the top of the car outside of Brok's, the game would lockup.
- Fixed bug : The head animation of Graff would still display when hitting him.
- Fixed bug : We could get out of the water in the lake by going to the far right.
- Fixed bug : It was possible to show Graff the Pred toy by going back home immediately. This shouldn't have been possible, now Graff will be gone if we attempt it.
- Fixed bug : Going into a submenu with the controller and attempting to exit the game with shoulder buttons could lead to a crash.
- Fixed bug : It was possible to switch menu tabs when no tab was displayed, and also when a choice is displayed (leading to potential bugs).
- Fixed bug : "RB" controller icon was displayed at incorrect location when the tabs didn't fit.
- Fixed bug : Making the pharmacy bubbles fall down wasn't saved.
- Fixed bug : Advert beneath glasses in Sin's apartment still was visible after being picked.
- Fixed bug : Pressing "back" during an interrogation while a dialogue was playing would cause a lockup.
- Fixed bug : Pressing "back" at the start of an interrogation (before popup dialog appears) could also cause a lockup.
- Fixed bug : Pressing "back" when starting the commands panel in Border Post would cause a graphical glitch.
- Fixed bug : Going into options submenu then pressing shoulder buttons and going back to options would keep displaying the "back" button at the top.
- Fixed bug : Loading a save would block the playlist, so the music could stop and not come back until you leave the area.
- Added 34 fanarts.
high rated
PROLOGUE 1.13 (February 5th 2020)
- Fixed bug : When refusing to give the hoover to Shay, the objective was untranslated and incorrectly put into the wrong category.
- Fixed bug : Falling in hole during nightmare sequence no longer killed the player.
- Fixed bug : In Border Post, obstruction detected wouldn't remove the existing package anymore.
- Replaced Kickstarter link with Discord.
- Added 38 fanarts.

PROLOGUE 1.13.1 (March 21th 2021)
- Added 28 fanarts. (no code change)

PROLOGUE 1.14 (May 18th 2021)
- Added better walk animations for Brok.
- Fixed : Music sometimes didn't loop correctly during the interrogation.
- Fixed : Cursor movement with gamepad was much slower than intended (it varied according to resolution but it shouldn't have.)
- Fixed : Three music tracks were missing in the prologue.
- Fixed : Changing the options saves the configuration when closing the menu. A bug made it save the configuration each time afterwards, even without changing anything.
- Fixed : Added failsafe to check if the target list was not existing when enemies fight.
- Added unique ID code at the end of the prologue.
- Added 23 fanarts.
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