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After having been able to play online with a friend for the last few days when I now go to join online its just stuck refreshing! :(

I've tried uninstalling a number of times, including deleting my save games, but nothing is working.

Please help.


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Hi !

Same problem here ! i Have done some Wiresharck analyse and the adresse's port is unreachable ..

thanks for the reply Bro! ;)

Yeah tried contacting gog and they have just refered me to the developers :/

My friend, who has a steam copy, say the steam only servers are online but if he turns the "Play with Steam Users" setting to "Yes" he just gets the constant refresh :(

Good job on the wireshark usage though!, Had not though to ping the servers ip for a responce.
Hi bro !

I have contact the dev team and here the anwser (see picture)
it's working again! :)
How? Where?
Only on Steam or what?

My copy (I bought on GOG.COMdoes not work online!
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Now it's not working again :( Stuck "refreshing"
JoshBerry022: Now it's not working again :( Stuck "refreshing"
Same here
JoshBerry022: Now it's not working again :( Stuck "refreshing"
BuzzerXD: Same here
This seems to happen from time to time. If you wait a few days, sometimes it comes back (its working as of today, April 14 2018)
It's been nearly two years and this still hasb\n't been resolved. Where are the devs and why did they abandon their game?
Same problem. Stuck in "refreshing" under "Join Online" screen.

Edit: C'mon bros! We need your help!!!
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