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Bought this as soon as it appeared and couldn't start it till now :)

Always got black screen at start and then nothing (trying this on Arch linux btw).

Got it to work with " -force-opengl" added to command line like this:

./Broforce.x86_64 -force-opengl

Awesome game !
If this helps anybody, enjoy the game !
I get the same problem when network is connected on Ubuntu 16.04: both my CPU cores run at 100% at the intro screen and my system lags to oblivion.

I'm using the "firejail" package to switch off the network. I edit $HOME/.local/share/applications/gog_com-Broforce_1.desktop and change the "Exec" line to:

Exec=firejail --noprofile --net=none "/home/my_user/GOG Games/Broforce/" ""

Whilst this works, it isn't going to let me play the game online. Please fix this.
It's 2019. I'm still having this problem with the most recent version of the game...
Thank you for the tip with disabling my Internet connection.

Stupilarious Linux bug #12