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Changelog for Patch 5399 201606232041/ GOG-4 (Windows)/ GOG-2 (Linux)/ GOG-4 (Mac) (added 8 July 2016):

The talented Jason Sutherland, sound designer, has joined the Free Lives team, and added some brilliant sound effects to the Broforce world. Have a listen and see if you can spot all the places we've added new sounds! (Hint: A LOT)


- Fixed alien purple spreading all over World Map
- Fixed island burning on World Map
- Loading Screens!
- Load time improvements
- Menu Screen performance improvements on low-spec machines
- Menu flow improvements
- Control binding improvements
- Fix some ammo boxes not being collectible
- Fixed some covert ops levels not finishing under certain circumstances
- Improved Satan tumble animation
- Save slots show images
- Esc menu and cutscenes do pause game now (i.e. you can't get killed)
- Satan true form's laser can now destroy himself (legs)
- Fixed disappearing legs on Satan true form
- Can now force custom campaign difficulty in options
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I have a problem. The download of the update constantly fails, both on the GOGdownloader and on Galaxy.
Enebias: I have a problem. The download of the update constantly fails, both on the GOGdownloader and on Galaxy.
Offline installer or do you mean the update via Galaxy?

edit: the offline installer is downloading just fine via Galaxy.

Click on the "Library" tab twice and see if that helps :)
Post edited July 08, 2016 by JudasIscariot
I guess it was just a temporary issue, now the installer download works (via Galaxy). No problems with autopatching.
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Changelog for Patch 5399 201606232041 Hotfix/ GOG-5 (Windows)/ GOG-3 (Linux)/ GOG-4 (Mac) (added 13 July 2016):

- New server IP added due to network infrastructure changes. Players should now be able to play online as before.
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Changelog for patch 5399 201606232041 update / (Windows) / (Mac) (added 18 July 2017):

- fixed a glitch with the game's graphics.
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Changelog for patch 5400 201807311306 (added 17 January 2019):


- Improved overall frame rate of the game
- Drastically Improved level load times in Campaign and Arcade modes
- Fixed network lag and choppiness during gameplay
- Reduced game installation size from 1.45 GB to 500 MB.


- Full localization of the game (Excluding Map Editor) in the following languages:
- French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Japanese, Korean
- Added colored borders to player HUD
- Chat no longer blocks input for other local players
- Pause Menu no longer blocks input for other local players in Multiplayer
- Pause Menu items no longer appear in contexts where they can’t be used
- Added UI prompt for players to Press Fire to Join Game
- Covert Ops are now included in the total number of Campaign levels
- Players using controllers can now use the alternate special button to navigate back in menus
- Players can now exit Bro Select in Versus Mode
- Improved the Kick Player Menu and Messaging
- Kicked players are now returned to the main menu
- Added information overlays to better communicate game states
- Fixed various UI elements that weren’t appearing correctly in 4:3 aspect ratio
- Provided a better error message when trying to upload a map that has been uploaded before
- Fixed issue with not all connected controllers being able to pause the game
- Added dedicated keyboard input for Dashing instead of it only ever being Double Tap Direction
- Fixed various UX issues with the Custom Campaigns menu
- Fixed Bone Wurm spawning the incorrect gib effect on death
- Added option menu item to toggle controller rumble
- Added in-game options menu to the pause menu
- Can cycle arcade levels by 5 at a time by pressing Up/Down on the Controller
- Various fixes with incorrect visual states of the player avatars
- Removed unsupported ability to create Multiplayer Ironbro games
- Added notification to players who are spectating a game when the Game is Full and they cannot join
- Fixed issue where force stopping joining an online game would allow players to chat in offline games.

Bug Fixes

- Custom Campaigns data server has been upgraded and will now work again
- Fixed bug that had broken the previous functionality of dropping idle players after 35 seconds
- Fixed bug where certain cutscenes would not be triggered, such as Bruiser and GR-666
- Fixed layout of subtitles in end-game cutscene to ensure they aren’t cut off
- Fixed bug in Versus where negative scores were not displayed correctly
- Fixed bug where Race mode would sometimes launch a Deathmatch instead
- Fixed bug where a blank leaderboard is shown when exiting a Custom Campaign before completing it
- Removed Snake Broskin from early Covert Operations to ensure they unlock at the correct time
- Fixed incorrect network synchronization of various level and game elements
- Fixed end game sequence synchronization issues
- Miscellaneous stability improvements
- Fixed enemies on client machines paused while Host is in a Cutscene
- Fixed camera shifting for clients that sometimes happens when entering an in-progress game
- Fixed issue where players who joined a Campaign game at the world map could not control the helicopter
- Fixed incorrect Bros sometimes spawning in Covert Operation missions which should have specific Bros
- Fixed Chain Links not being network synchronized when they are destroyed
- Fixed issue where the Deathfield wouldn’t spawn after killing Satan with Broden
- Fixed zipline traversal issues
- Fixed Boondock Bros spawning multiple times in Ironbro mode
- Fixed issue where end-level kill list could include kills from previous levels
- Fixed issue with respawn position in online games with metal pylon checkpoints
- Fixed issue where Broden could not harm the Sky Fortress enemy
- Fixes to various boss AI logic bugs
- Fixed issue where music would stop playing in Hell areas.
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Changelog for 904 20190412 (12 April 2019)

Bug Fixes:

* Fixed an issue with player names using certain special characters could crash the game
* Fixed cages sometimes being spawned inside of the ground in Hell levels
* Fixed issue with Warlock portals not always working correctly in online games
* Fixed BroCeaser not working in Custom Campaign levels
* Fixed bug when changing music volume from options menu while the game is paused