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This game is great. The guns feel really good and the influences are obvious, DOOM, dark souls, tomb raider.

However there are serious issues with the controls.
the dodge works when holding A,D,AS, or DS but not AW or DW, which caused me a lot of problems when trying to kite enemies in these tiny arenas.
you need to repeatedly press E in order to slash with your sword which makes it really hard to move to the right or backwards while also slashing
(personal preference) I think a double jump would feel more natural than holding jump.
double or tripple tapping F to used a variety of abilities is weird, but it works fine in practice.

I tried playing on controler too. the dodging issue was the same
camera sensitivity was difficult to manage
again you needed to move your thumb off of the movement stick in order to press the D pad multiple times to use an ability. this makes it difficult to dodge.

The areas being so small, and the enemies moving at the same rate you do made the fights feel claustrophobic, which may be on purpose, but with the clunky dodge controls it was more just irritating. I would turn around and try to sprint, but when i turned back they were still in my face. especially mini bosses

This may have also been on purpose, but one of the arenas had a cliff that i kept falling off because you cant see where you are dodging to.

I can tell that the game is intended to be hard, but I felt like i was fighting with the controls more then the monsters.

Overall, the package is really impressive and I cant wait to play more of it, hopefully when i can change some keybinds.
thanks for all of your hard work.
Post edited June 30, 2019 by frostphorus1