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I've run into a strange bug causing the game not to respond to left-clicks. HOWEVER, it interprets a double-click as a single left-click. Works decent during menus, but makes playing the game almost impossible. This happened for the first time about a week ago, but disappeared when restarting the game. After that it has happened more and more often, sometimes requiring more than 10 restarts for the game to work properly. The mouse works fine outside the game. It's a Deltaco bluetooth MS-901 and I'm playing on a M1 Macbook Pro.
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Hi there, we don't use this forum much.

First, please identify more exactly what macbook pro you are using. If you don't know what that is, go to this link

Second, send us a detailed bug report i.e. describe the conditions before the bug occurred, such as what you were doing before it happened.

Third, send us a copy of your log.txt via (do not copy and paste it into a thread). You will find the log.txt in the main Brigador game folder. This file is overwritten every time you start the game - so please recreate this mouse bug, quit out, and send us that copy of log.txt with the mouse please.

If you're not comfortable doing so in this forum, you can email it to us as team(at)stellarjockeys(dot)com

In the meantime, help us help you - if possible try using a different (preferably wired) mouse to see check whether this is the root cause or if it in fact happens with all mice on your computer.

Thanks in advance.