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I bought the game yesterday so I though I would record a video to upload on YT. Out of three recording apps, only one seems to work with Brigador, or maybe it´s a GOG Galaxy problem.

I used Camtesia 9 screencapture with various results, none to good. Then I used Gecata/Movavi 5 which everytime I tried to record while in-game the game would not let me keep on going (stuck in the main screen). Lastly, I used nVidia Shadowplay which is the only one that I could record with.

All three apps are original and paid for (except Shadowplay), so it´s not a issue with that. Maybe it has to do with the Galaxy app?

Any Ideas why this happens? I recorded Synthetik Legions Rising which I bought on GOG and had no issues with that, so it´s strange.

Post edited December 29, 2018 by red2112
I'm not on the programming side of things but it's my understanding the capture issue has to do with quirks around OpenGL that we'd need a much larger programming staff to work around. Have you tested capturing in different screen modes (windowed / fullscreen windowed / fullscreen)? That seemed to solve some of the edge cases, otherwise multi-monitor setups also seem to exacerbate the issue. See if that helps, and in the mean time I'll chat with the programmers and see if I can't get you a more specific answer.