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The game has a strongly saturated look with red/violet as dominant colors, which is a little bit too much for my eyes. I've made a lut, that I use in conjuction with Reshade to reduce the colors a bit. Maybe some of you have a use for it too. See attachments.

Another solution is to open the debug editor by pressing F1, go to "Rendering Control" and double click the file under the "Lighting" tab. This will open a window where one can change everthing about the lighting and colors of the current level (click "Save changes" if the settings should survive a restart).
before.jpg (311 Kb)
after.jpg (362 Kb)
before2.jpg (269 Kb)
after2.jpg (322 Kb)
3dlut.png (5 Kb)
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This is awesome russellskanne, thanks for posting. As part of a future update I'll be completing a full guide for editing various aspects of the game content like the lighting and weapon reticles. Ideally this all would have just been baked into the game's proper menus, unfortunately it's hard to tell what's going to be important when you're still in the throes of development, and UI is honestly a tremendous amount of work (especially when you write your own like we did...)