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Hey there, folks! Brigador's been updated with 4 new missions and I'd like to play them, however, I finished the game like a year ago, uninstalled it, didn't make a copy of saves, and so I'll have to replay most of the game to gain access to new levels.

Does anybody have a save file that would unlock these missions? Brigador's heckin' fun, but I don't have enough time these days to complete the campaign again, considering the fact that some of the missions were a real slog and I don't wanna relive that, either.

EDIT: Or maybe there's some sorta cheat code that'll let me skip them levels?
Post edited December 15, 2021 by EdgyAntares
Alright, I figured out there's a devmode that I can use to skip levels and restore my progress. If anyone needs this, lemme know and I'll tell you how to access it here.
Restoring progress is relatively trivial via the F1 debug panel

Turning on devmode and setting Unlocks to disabled in Settings unlocks everything in the game, though it would be best to toggle it off after you load into a map as devmode also activates keybinds you may not want to interfere with as you play.

We have modding documentation in this google doc that covers "cheats" and what those keybinds are

Specifically Section 4 > Main Tab.

If money for freelance is a problem, just go ahead and give yourself a ton of money via the money debug tab - just be sure to ctrl + left click the slider so you can manually enter a value (the slider only goes up to 10 million)