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Hey guys!

We've got a discord channel for Brigador and whatever else we end up making in the future—just wanted to extend a proper invite to everyone. We've got a nice little community going, and we're in there most of the time if you have any questions for us directly.

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Hey everyone—I just wanted to bump this thread as the Brigador discord is where we spend the majority of our time that isn't working on the game directly. I still try to check in on the GOG thread but the best way to get a hold of us, especially if a problem has come up, is to contact us on the discord. Link is above.
Current link to our Discord server as of July 20th 2020

This link has a limited number of uses and if you've found it expired, we'll have another one up soon enough.

The Discord is the place to be if you're looking for fan art, community modding projects, mapmaking tips, and so on.
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Update to this post - here is our new Discord server link as of May 2021
As of August 11th 2021