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Changelog for Update (added 03 September 2019):

Comrades! The time has come to dust off your spacesuits, put on your space diapers, and wrap yourself in electrical tape because Breathedge continues!

Everyone was expecting us to shift the release date again and made beautiful posters with obscene slogans. Well, that was in vain. Today, in spite of global warming, two new chapters of the epic saga about the simple Man will be released (or they have been released already if you are reading this piece of news a bit later than it was planned).

Before briefly describing what the new chapters are about, we cannot help but share a unique commercial from the Breathedge Global Funeral Agency, which you can easily see on TV if your calendar shows the year 2073. Let’s go!

Here we are! The future is beautiful, or do you still have any doubts about it? We don’t have any either. We’ve got a small trailer left, timed to the release of the new chapters, and designed to show that we can fill in the background with the red color and make large captions right on top of the video.

Breathedge will have two new chapters telling the further story of the Man, his immortal chicken, Babe, coffin robots, and the wrecked liner “Unnamed”. This is not the end of the story, however, the denouement is near. Probably.

The game’s world will expand because the story can be continued only in new places. In general, this is what will appear in the game: several cubic kilometers of garbage, 40,000 new words, about 120 interesting and extremely useless points with collectibles, 6 cutscenes (with poor animation, we remember we promised that), and 530 new voiced lines of the cheerful spacesuit. Or maybe not 530, but something around that number.

There will be even more items for littering your pockets with: about 15 new resources; about 15 new tools, from a blaster to a brand new enhanced handy scrapper and a grenade; a dozen new types of equipment, which will include various types of spacesuits each having their own special features (if you don’t mind dragging them around with you).

Finally, the Man gets to own a car and a “Rocket” vacuum cleaner. It’s prohibited to drive them without a license, but you’ll do anything to survive, won’t you?

We’d also like to mention some robots that will bring life to this uncosy and dark space. Well, it’s not quite accurate to call it “life” when it comes to robots, but at least they can move sometimes and even shoot you in the back.

The construction of space stations will become a large and difficult thing for learning. You can construct them anywhere, and as many as you want. Or not construct them at all. Although surviving in space will be much harder without a station. You can use a station to rest and fill in the oxygen, or you can use it as a luxurious home for a real bachelor, with a bed, a TV, a food processor for crafting stuff, dead comrades, a shiny toilet, dozens of different items, equipment, and decor. There are about 50 different blocks and decor elements, that is if you find their blueprints.

There will be more languages. All three chapters will be not only in Russian and English but also in German, French, and Chinese languages (although the audio will still be available only in Russian and English, at least for now).

And certainly, there will be more other small pleasant things, such as different game modes, even for those who don’t like wasting their oxygen, dozens of achievements, a minigame, more settings, freezing autosaves, and even an easy way out by using Alt+F4.

That’s it!

Or not? It’s more like a “not”, as it’s not the game release. The story of the Man isn’t over yet, but we are planning to finish it by two more chapters, as cool and boring as they can be. We won’t tell you about our future plans, but we will certainly let you know when we have any.

And another important thing: due to the fact that the current update is way bigger than when it was initially, it affected all the possible parts of the projects, including the ones in the first chapter. If you used to see beautiful space earlier, but after the update you see a beautiful prince trying to kiss you instead — don’t hesitate and tell us about it in Discord, or send us your messenger chicken.

Standalone installer, and Breathedge: Constructor [Free DLC] updated: ⇒
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Comrades! Launching the Man into space went well! However, there were several issues that overshadowed his stay there, but we are working on them.

We fixed one of the serious saving errors when players fervently transferred the save file from the first chapter and received... nothing, or a beautiful window with an error. This happened because they did it manually without an autosave file. There should be no such error now.

The second serious issue is the game’s committing suicide on old PC configurations, despite the fact that the first chapter worked well. We cannot guarantee that the game will work on hardware which is weaker than the minimum requirements, but we try our best for the owners of any configurations. We are now sorting this out and trying to understand what exactly overloads the old hardware, why, and where (if you are one of those lucky people whose game worked in the first chapter and committed suicide in the second one, please contact us via e-mail or discord, if you want to help us test the game).

For sure, you might write angry reviews. But before doing that, if you have any problems with the game, please describe them, and attach some logs/screenshots/videos. You can send us an e-mail or message us via Discord. After that, you can dislike the game, ask Steam for a refund, and try to identify us by our IP address. However, without your description of the problems, we may not find them. Why else do we need early access? Thank you!

Our Discord channel:

Our e-mail:
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Update [3 Oct]

Comrades! While we are making the continuation of the game, you keep breaking the stuff that was already made, and that’s cool! In cases when our script writer is frustrated as a vegetable and is communicating with the cosmos (and this happens all the time), the programmer starts picking his nose out of boredom. Such an activity is bad for the shape of his fingers, he still has a lot of code to write, so we try to engage him in doing other things (assembling Rubic’s cubes, embroidery, etc.) With your help, it’s much easier to make the programmer do something useful, because you find very interesting bugs that we try to fix… or try to make you think that this is not a bug, but a feature. We made a small update and here’s the list of some important bugs that we fixed. (Spoiler alert!)

When you were sitting comfortably in a vehicle while installing an oxygen station, a container, or the crap imposed by the developers, they tended to be installed in the point of your sitting in a vehicle (which could happen on the other side of the map). Such magic won’t happen anymore.

When picking up an item’s blueprint that was already researched on the research table, the table got peeved and stopped working. We punished the table and fixed this bug.

When throwing a corpse from a long distance at bare wires in the communication point the quest didn’t count as complete. We fixed this.

After passing chapters 2-3, the marker for Normandy shouldn’t disappear anymore (although, yeah, there’s no use in it at the moment).

When you decreased the radiation 6 times lower and then immediately saved and loaded the game, you didn’t get the task of exploring space. Maybe it was for the better, what is there to explore? But we fixed it anyway.

Your lovingly built space station broke down and holes appeared in it even when you weren’t anywhere near it. This is realistic, however, we didn’t plan it to be like that, so we fixed it. Now the station breaks down as we intended it to, only when you are near it.

The enemy replaced the pages in the encyclopedia and some categories didn’t coincide with the items. You noticed it and we fixed it.

Having magic abilities like David Copperfield you could pass through the closed door of the service module. Unfortunately, you can’t do this now.

The information trigger near Knight-Errant created a marker that led nowhere. We fixed this, so now it doesn’t do that.
Added the discharge cell description. Although it’s quite understandable without a description that a discharge cell is a discharge cell and that it discharges something and you can find it in some place where something discharges. Easy peasy!

Some items in the game cloned themselves and we fixed that. However, if you saved after the cloning happened, the already cloned items will remain, but the new ones won’t appear.

Added a sound effect when you pick up the crap imposed by the developers. We know how “important” that is, but you asked us to add it.

If you loaded right after sending cowchickens to space, the control panel stopped working and you couldn’t complete the quest with the bio module because of that. We fixed that.

Fixed the bug with disappearing showcases with dead hamsters and built-in containers. This fix works only for saves before you noticed the item’s disappearance. Otherwise, you won’t be able to restore the disappeared item — space has devoured it.

So it goes. And as always, we are available for your feedback, suggestions, and bugs. You can send them via anything, but it’d be more convenient for all of us if you join our Discord troops. Although, a good ol’ mail will do as well (if it’s not the snail one).
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Update [12 Oct]

Comrades! We have some rather sad news. As it turned out, penguins don’t know how to fly. Yep, we tried everything, to no result. They all fall down. Although you are probably not very interested in the technical details of the development. Oh well, let's move on to the news then.

It just so happened that while we were launching penguins into the stratosphere for very important tasks, some bugs were accidentally fixed, namely:

On low FPS — which never happens, so as you might have thought, this is purely hypothetical — so, on hypothetically low FPS, the vacuum cleaner and the car flew slowly. We fixed this, and now their speed doesn’t change.
The game had a secret room, where instead of a basilisk there was an oxygen station. And as in any self-respecting secret room, all sorts of items disappeared right in front of your nose. Some (boring people) might say that this is simply an incorrectly configured object clipping distance. But we fixed the bug anyway.
On loading the game, if your vehicle was located in your station, it replenished its fuel reserves and durability. We found the person guilty of this misdeed. It was a mechanic who broke into the station at night and repaired everything with a vile grin on his face. We threw him out of the airlock, so now the vehicle remains broken and not refueled, as it should be.
When getting into the vehicle with a flashlight on, turning it off in the vehicle, and then getting out of the vehicle, the flashlight started burning, forever. We fixed this.
Some attentive players noticed that if you dismantled a table made of ordinary metal, you got refined metal in your inventory. It seems to be logical, but it really isn’t. We fixed that.
An even more attentive player (the rest of the players probably knew the issue, but were silent) noticed that when shooting or throwing grenades at a garbage ball during its respawn, the nonexistent ball generated endless amounts of resources. We fixed that for sure.
As it turned out, when installing decor items, the durability of the dispenser didn’t change. Everyone thought it was a bonus, but no, we are evil and love senseless craft, so there’s no bonus anymore. The dispenser has become as fragile as our psyche.
The dispenser glitched a bit after using it until its durability decreased to 1. The electrical tape got heated up, its fumes got into your room through your speakers, and after inhaling these poisonous gases it could falsely occur to you that when you use the dispenser, you don’t see any modules, or that an installed module hangs in space as a projection of it.
Minor changes in the save/load system were made, otherwise, the game version could be detected wrongly which caused some indecent things to happen. We changed the components of the electrical tape to more ecologically pure ones, so now after continuously using the dispenser, you can feel the magnificent odor of acetone.
We did considerable work to optimize most objects in the game. First of all, some LODs of objects were cut (e.g. if there were five of them, now there are three). Such blasphemous manipulations broke the collisions, so we remade them too. So what is the result, aside from this text? We freed some extra 600MB RAM, and there is no such thing as “extra MB RAM”; the loadings are now faster (well done to those of you who noticed it). Now that we remade the collisions on the station, items thrown in some gap in the floor won’t get stuck in it anymore (well, they still can, if you don’t give up).

So it goes. And for sure, we are in full process of creating the next chapter. Don’t doubt about it. Although, we won’t tell you about what exactly we are doing now and when it will be available because we are not sure yet.

And as always, we are available for your feedback. You can send us an email or join our Discord channel. We spend the night there watching cartoons (especially via email) and sometimes reply to your messages. Don’t be shy to drop us a line!
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Normandy. Update. [18 Dec]
Comrades! The holidays are nearly here, and soon everyone will put on a hairy beard and give children presents, which means that there will be no time for outer space. Due to this wonderful time of the year, on New Year’s and Christmas Eve, as well as other holidays, and due to our huge love for art and for you guys, we would like to dump out some new bugs! Yaaay! Bang-bang, all kinds of crackers and firecrackers sounds, screams and crying because of burns.

Alright. We’re just trying to bring some holiday spirit to your hearts. But it’s not why we are here. As a matter of fact, we wanted to tell you about a small new update for the game. As usual, we fixed some bugs there, but we don’t remember which ones, really. We weren’t taught to write down things at school, so we’ll try to remember what we fixed exactly:

Em, uh…

So it goes. As you can see, we’ve done a colossal job, and Breathedge shines in new splendor. Well, we also broke something, but we remember these things and write them down. However, we won’t show them to anybody. Well done to somebody who finds them.

By the way, we can’t fail to thank everyone who helped us catch various bugs. Thanks to our dedicated pioneering testers, our game updates are functional, tested, and polished. Of course, one day the cunning players will knock these updates down, kick them and gut them, but they will also write about this in detail to us and point to any naughty pixel. And that’s excellent! Many thanks!

It’s worth mentioning that Steam pleased us with an unearthly amount of discounts, and tomorrow we can expect the start of another two weeks of a 30% sale. Why did we raise the price of the game if it’s sold on Steam at a discount more often than without it, anyway? Who knows... And yes, if you are reading this piece of news very late, then perhaps you can still see some discount and this news may be relevant.

Aside from traditional bugfixes, as we promised, we’ve prepared a small gift, and that is a story update called “Normandy”.

To be more specific, we’ve prepared a very short... or even an extremely short story update called “Normandy”! In this update, we’ve added the Normandy you could see as a marker somewhere far beyond the game zone borders. Now you can fly to it, touch it with your handy scrapper, get a couple of new achievements, meet the crew of this vessel, collect a few collectibles, listen to the beautiful voice of your dear spacesuit, and even take Normandy’s wheel.

If all this wouldn’t be enough for someone… well, then it wouldn’t be enough for them, and we can’t do anything about it.

And one more thing, we have an important announcement for those who are interested in the difficult fate of the Man: Breathedge is finally coming to its full release. Yeah, yeah, Early Access indie games never see their release, it can’t be true, we should have canceled the project right in the middle of its development, but it is what it is. The next chapters (four and five) will be the final ones.

Does Babe exist? Who is in control of the robot coffins? What is the true power of the Green Universe? Will the immortal Chicken survive? Is there life after the sauna? Where do hamsters die? Who will take out the trash? The Breathedge release will give answers to all (or to almost all) these important questions, but we’ll do our best to make an epic finale with massive explosions and FPS drops from the amount of epicness on your monitors. We’ll name the exact release date a bit later, but we’d like to note that the release is planned for 2020 — not for the beginning, or for the middle, and not even for the end, but just the year 2020, so uncertain and indefinite, but it is planned.

So it goes. And as always, we would like to finish this news by addressing those who haven’t yet clicked the links below. If you would like to complain on us to us, or propose your hand in marriage, to give us some advise on where we should go and what we should do with ourselves, or help us find some bugs — you are welcome to our Discord or email. You can also write us something in social media, but the fastest ways to reach us are these: