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Well, since my thread down at Steam was met with an overwhelming amount of... little more than silence, I'm gonna echo it over here hoping we can actually compile some useful data. So, as I was saying:

Now that the first DLC is finally here, I'd like to make sure I've got the whole picture on what content is or isn't available yet. So let's list what the Trainium Edition was supposed to include, and please complete what little information I have (since I don't own the Trainium Edition and I'm not getting it until I know exactly what I'm buying):

- Soundtrack: It's available, I think? I know the main menu music (which is possibly the best in the game) is missing and is probably never going to be made available (how many tracks does the soundtrack have in the first place?), but I guess the part of it that's available is indeed available, so there's that.

- First DLC: It's available. Took its sweet old time, but it's here.Whether it's worth the wait or not, it is what it is.

- Exclusive train: It's available. The Tom Thumb, isn't it? So yeah. I think some users had issues with this content not showing up or something? Have those been fixed as of now?

- Exclusive companion: It's available. Bill Hickok, was it? Same as the Tom Thumb, if I'm not mistaken.

- Digital artbook: I think it's not yet available? If so, how much longer until it is? Over a year sure seems like a long wait for some assets the devs were supposed to have already pretty much done in order to make the game.

If and when all of that is available, I guess we can say the game's complete. Unless there's more DLC coming, in which case I think it would only be gracious of the devs to clarify it sooner than later, given how long it took to even aknowledge the first DLC's actual existence.
Привет! Прошу прощения, я плохо говорю по-английски. Я приобрёл Bounty Train Trainium Edition с год тому назад.

Могу рассказать, что у меня есть на данный момент времени:
- Звуковая дорожка (см. картинку №1);
- Первое дополнение (см. картинку №2);
- Экслюзивный поезд: Tom Thumb;
- Эксклюзивный герой: Bill Hickok;
Книжки не было и НЕТ, к сожалению до сих пор!

Я надеюсь, мой рассказ ответил на Ваш вопрос 8)

Hello! I'm sorry, I do not speak English well. I bought the Bounty Train Trainium Edition a year ago.

I can tell You what I have at this point in time:
- Soundtrack: yep (see screenshot №1);
- First DLC: yep (see screenshot №2);
- Exclusive train: Tom Thumb;
- Exclusive companion: Bill Hickok;
- Digital artbook: unfortunately nay.

I hope my narrative answered Your question 8)
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Well, that helps. Спасибо! So it's as I thought, only the artbook is still missing. Hopefully they'll make it available before long.