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Changelog for patch 0.13128 / GOG-6 (Windows) / GOG-10 (Mac) (added 28 February 2017):

1) Fixed an issue connected to the Pearl Questline (Healing potion)
Players should now be able to continue their quest, as expected.

2) High res texture option:
We enabled the high res textures for players to activate manually. Please be aware, that this might cause performance issues on some systems, and is not intended to be used on 32bit systems.

3) Fixed a bug when you fail the James Berry prisoner quest.

4) Fixed actions when Matsuwa, Robert or Jeremiah died in battle.

5) Fixed a bug, where Daniel Hobbs disappeared in certain situations (Leland quest).

6) Fixed a bug which made it possible to complete the dynamite questline, without delivering the asked ammunition.

7) Worked on visibility of service events (Permanent economy changing events).

8) Fixed a bug, where carriage weight was displayed incorrectly.

9) Fixed a sound related bug, causing the healing sound to loop forever.

10) Fixed a bug in the sound settings.

11) Added the possibility to complete City hall quest with low attitude.

12) Fixed Bill Hickok behavior:
Bill Hickok will now be obtainable by Trainium Edition players again, and won´t travel on his own anymore.

13) Fixed a related bug, which displayed wrong icons in battle.

14) Shares auctions are now enabled in medium and large sized cities (they were only available in major cities before).

15) Fixed a bug, preventing players from starting the Jay Gould Quest.

16) Fixed an issue, which prevented mercenaries from spawning correctly in story mode.

17) Wrong sum was deducted when Walter buys shares from the bank

18) Adjusted the weight of the armored and heavy carriage.

19) Fixed Cullen Baker behavior:
Cullen Baker somehow didn´t disappear correctly, when the time was up. Now he should vanish again, once the time has passed.

20) The main menu is now blocked, while your are actively traveling on the map.
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Changelog for patch 1.0.13761 / (Windows) / (Mac) (added 16 May 2017):

- Bounty Train is now fully released.
- PLEASE NOTE: savegames from previous versions are NOT compatible with version 1.0.13761
- New Content: We added over 20 new quests, expanding the main story and adding new side stories for you to discover. We added new job offers and mixed up existing quest lines for some additional variation.
- More freedom: We looked into additional options for how to play the game. For example, you now will be able to rob camps yourself, if that’s the way you want to roll.
- Languages added: We updated the supported languages with this update: French, Polish, Spanish, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, updated English, updated German, updated Ukrainian and updated Russian are now available.
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Changelog Update 10 05.09.2017
Gameplay Changes:
- increased durability of locomotive and carriages. These will players early game, and will give you some breathing space, while learning the game mechanics.
- We overhauled the city hall rewards, to be more attractive in the early game and not as potent in the late game, enabling players to choose from the different options instead of being locked into city hall quests.

Quests bugfixes:
- corrected dialog options in the saloon locations, when the player is on the lookout for stolen jewelry.
- fixed an issue related to Pearl, where sometimes the follow-up quest would not appear
- fixed an issue related to Samuel, where sometimes the follow-up quest would not appear
- fixed an issue that sometimes caused Robert´s Camp to disappear from the map
- Forney quest location description added for clarity in the quest progress

Localization bugfixes:
- Resolved Chinese localization issues, causing texts not showing up in the correct manner at times.
- fixed numerous typos

Gameplay bugfixes:
- We fixed an issue, which caused enemies to sometimes loose interest in the player´s train – now enemies will always try to get to your goods (if in range).
- minor bugs like small misplacements were resolved.
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Changelog for patch 10 (added 24 October 2017):

(content already posted by Ivraren; Official added on GOG on 24.10.2017)
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Привет! Hello!

Подскажите, пожалуйста: как установить последнее обновление? У себя на странице я вижу:
Bounty Train 1.0.13761
Patch 0.13128 (gog-6)
Trainium Edition Upgrade 1.0.13832
ПОЧЕМУ все файлы имеют разные версии??? Я просто НЕ ПОНИМАЮ!!! Как теперь я должен обновлять игру? Что мне нужно скачивать или ПЕРЕкачивать?

Tell me, please: how to install the latest update? I see on my page:
Bounty Train 1.0.13761
Patch 0.13128 (gog-6)
Trainium Edition Upgrade 1.0.13832
WHY all files have different versions??? I just do not understand!!! How now I must to update the game? What I need to download or to REdownload?

Спасибо! Thanks!
As of today 12-27-17 the Pearl Quest still is an endless loop.