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either that or I suck really badly.

I'm at the screen with the big black sack thing and I have to click on the snail to create bubbles to wake him up. The problem is that all of a sudden all I can do is click on the snail and make bubbles. I can't move the black sack guy or leave the screen or do anything besides make bubbles......and the bubbles I'm making don't seem to be making a difference no matter where or how I pop them.

Is this a bug or is this meant to happen and I'm just missing something?
Post edited December 20, 2012 by Dizzard
When clicking on the snail you have to hold, in order to make the bubble he produces large enough. When the large bubble pops, you'll wake up the black sack.

(edit: i just realized this question was asked two years ago. sorry :-p)
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