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This game is among my prefered h&s, with GrimDawn and PathOfExile, it has excellent system of characters, despite this is only on cards. But it's sad it's not AAA, with better graphics and character creator, and bigger/richer story dungeon.

I usually dislike clicking on several keys, so I prefer passive skills, and BoD has this choice with green cards, so with all classes my 'deck' is composed of only green despite one or two reds or blue.
Usually I only play Rangers, but TANKING-able ranger, so here I play rogue but with the more 'contact' cards.

I'm curious about how others players see this game and how they build their toon.
Post edited March 27, 2019 by ERISS
I already think the graphics are AAA quality, how could they be any better? The cute papercraft style is certainly unique in this genre and it works very well. There's already a good rich story that matches the length of the game. Maybe a sequel or expansion could add more story along with another dungeon. There isn't a character creator because you don't roll your own character like other games, your stats here are all in your cards.

I'm with you as far as not being a clicker, but you know you can use the keyboard for action slots right? I put my action cards in the first few slots and activate them with the number keys, my other hand on the mouse for movement and clicking where I need to.

It's nice being able to make a taking mage or a spellcasting warrior when I want to, as well as more traditional characters. Even better that I can shuffle up things on the fly depending on the situation.