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I've been reading the Steam forum for this game and figured that the stuff there would help here.

Apparently, the game version is 1.0 and not 2.0 which comes with much needed fixes. Or maybe it is 2.0 but some of the fixes got lost in the re-release. Who knows.

Since GOG is not letting me post links, I can only say that you should look for the Patch 2.2 Gold Edition with English voices thread on the Steam forum.

Combine that with the unofficial patch from MODDB, which brings 16:9 and 32:9 widescreen support, increases FOV from 90 to 105, increases the jump height, decreases head bob, and fixes subtitles text details in missions, notes and GUI strings.

In my experience it seems to run fine but I'm not 100% sure so be wary.
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The game starts with all audio turned down so be sure to adjust it at the start menu.

If the game crashes while selecting a resolution, open the GAME.ini file in the "path-to-game\BoilingPoint\gamedata\BoilingPoint" folder, look for "ModeWidth" and "ModeHeight" and make them the resolution of your monitor. Then change "ModeBPP" to "ModeBPP=32"

To keep the graphical Bloom setting on, open the GAME.ini file in the "path-to-game\BoilingPoint\gamedata\BoilingPoint" folder, look for "BLOOM=0" and change it to "BLOOM=1"

To disable the intro videos, open the GAME.ini in the "path-to-game\BoilingPoint\gamedata\BoilingPoint" folder and change "DISABLEAVIPLAYER=0" to "DISABLEAVIPLAYER=1"

KEEP A BACKUP OF YOUR SAVES, located at "path-to-game\BoilingPoint\gamedata\BoilingPoint\save". I lost two hours due to a crash that corrupted a manual save. I just backup the whole folder.

Other fixes and information can be found on the PCGamingWiki page for this game.

If you know of any mods or other fixes, please share them here.
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