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I played a lot for , like a week, when I bought it, like, 3 moths ago and It worked perfectly, I didnt played it for some time, and now, when I star playing it again, surprise: the controller doesn't work anymore.

Funny enought, I can go pass the "PRESS ANY KEY" screen, because at than point it recognices that I just pressed a button of the controller, but after that nothing.

What can I do? is there a patch coming to fix this?

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Restarting the PC seems to "fix" the problem (at least for me) not the best solution, but its a solution, at least....
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Yep. Using Xbox One controller here. Once the game thinks that your controller has disconnected, it becomes unresponsive. It doesn't seem to "freeze" though. It seems like there is nothing coded to get it past the "PRESS ANY KEY/BUTTON" screen. You're given no choice bu to forcibly close the game and start it back up again. TEMP fix is to always have the controller conntected via USB but this should not be happening regardless.

@GOG, have them patch it please lol
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Tested on windows 10 1909 and a wired xbox360 afterglow controller

If I left my controller connected on my pc before start Windows (player 1 LED ON after Windows is booted), the process of disconnect and re-connect the controller make windows see the same controller in the same USB port as a complete different controller (now Palyer 2 LED is ON!!), that's why in my case, Bloodstained: RotN will never recovery for a controller disconnection if I not restart Windows

But if I connect the controller after Windows looks like "I finish loading, now you can do your tings...", the problem never occur, so I just need left unplug the controller before start windows or before a restart and my problem is solve.

This problem is either how Windows deal with the hardware present before start, or how the Bios in our PCs deal with the USB devices connected before turn on or after a restart. But at the same time this show that Bloodstained: RotN only WORK with the FIRST Controller recognize as the FIRST ever connected controller inside Windows and ONLY is able to recovery one time before exist the game or Windows and Bloodstained: RotN stop recognize the controller as the FIRST BORN!!!
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