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Waiting for soundtrack, from 06/18. I wanted this game, mostly for the OST. Paid for it before everybody, yet waiting for my stuff longer than everybody. It was supposed to arrive shortly after Switch launch too, YESTERDAY at that and still, no sign!

Had i bought the game during pre-order normally... Not only i would have gotten everything day 1, but cheaper than what i paid, also. And i would have skipped Inti-Creates DRMed garbage, which forced me create a Steam clone to run it, as well.

Why the hell did i kickstart? And worst of all, no refund to backers policy. Damn.
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The changelog says they added the FLAC version to everyone's accounts, but there doesn't seem to be any new downloads on my game page. Looking at the soundtrack in the store it doesn't say I own it either, so not sure where this is?

I hope they aren't just talking about the sound test in-game...
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That's for anyone that bought the MP3 soundtrack, but I wouldn't celebrate, just yet.
I actually just saw that on the changelog thread. :)

I guess we're just waiting for keys from Fangamer then?
I'm still in the middle of the game, so it's not that big a deal to me, but I do agree they should have tried to take care of the backers ASAP either way.
I'm still waiting for the key for the soundtrack and the digital art book, but from what I've seen, people haven't been very positive about the MP3 soundtrack, or even the FLAC 'upgrade'.
whatsnottaken: I guess we're just waiting for keys from Fangamer then?