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Well, silence is never a good omen. After they started skipping monthly reports/announcements on development (November, January) and the Co-op feature tag was removed from steam... Silently, at that.

Now they officially announce that the most interesting feature. Which had been gloriously FUNDED during the campaign, IN ADVANCE. Is going to be dropped.

No roguelike, ladies and gents! They cannot code the game to behave thusly. But they knew how to promise and design it, as well as force people fork over their cash, making this game break a record, as the best funded kickstarter project ever, before!

"Expect a worringly large amount of announcements", they said. Nothing, not even a word was added, in here! Instead, they now cut off even the regular communication, through official site and kickstarter wall. THIRTEEN free (?) DLC, they said... Features that were PURCHASED and should had been inside the game, at launch; while after so many months and we have yet to see, even the second playable character, where and when there should be THREE!

Boss Revenge, another mode which will be coming, if we are to believe their words anymore, will have only FOUR of the game's bosses, functioning as playable characters, pitting themselves against three (?) AI controlled protagonist characters. Lazy, rushed and with only the bare minimum, the least bit of effort.

It is within anybody's guessing capabilities, to foresee just where this project is going. I myself am severly disappointed. I considered IGA the boss. I was expecting the best, since people helped him raise a real fortune and all of us fanned him, die-hard. Not to mention normal buyers got the game sooner and cheaper, compared against backers. Now i know why lots of people, advice against kickstart.
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really disappointed
Yeah, quite bummed.

But then, it is Kickstarter. It's not a preorder system, and from the looks of it they genuinely tried to develop it, it just didn't work out. So yeah, fair enough. In a way.

Zangetsu and Randomizer coming very soon!
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