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We’ve released new patches for BloodRayne: Terminal Cut and BloodRayne 2: Terminal Cut to bring each game to version 1.02.

For BloodRayne, the primary purpose of this patch is a fix to D. Mauler’s monologue, which now plays correctly in game.

Some adjustments have been made to improve pre-rendered cutscene playback in this version of BloodRayne as well, but we don't yet see this as a fix for the flickering cutscene issue that still occurs on some system configurations. This issue is still under investigation, though it is taking more time than anticipated to isolate the cause (or causes) and run tests on possible fixes because none of Terminal Reality’s test machines exhibit the problem. We’d like to make it clear we are still making it a priority to find a fix to this and other known issues – thanks for your patience!

For BloodRayne 2, the primary purpose of this patch is to fix crashes that were occurring with certain features in the game's ‘Extras’, namely:

- Crashes that occurred when attempting to play certain stages with certain unlockable Outfits equipped
- Crashes that occurred when viewing certain items in the art dailies Slideshows

We have more fixes and updates for both games in the works based on the feedback we’ve received in this forum and elsewhere, and we welcome you to respond in this thread with any other feedback and reports. If you’d like to send specific inquiries on issues you run into which may be specific to your system, we welcome you to contact us at



Previous patch notes:
- 1.01
Too sad that there is no longer old game in the gog store anymore. No plans to bring it back? Steam at least has it as "BloodRayne (Legacy)". Oh, you are developer only... I was unable to add it to the my wishlist and opened issue on the gog store because of this (they also were unable to reproduce the issue on theirs end ^_^). 6 month is gone and now I can't even find it. Only "terminal cut" is here. So, you are just unlucky.

Oh, it was removed from the Steam too. So "This version of Bloodrayne is no longer available...". Nice publisher, great team work, excellent management.

- People can't buy the patches...
- Yes!
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Antialiasing still not working right (1x = blurred image, other values NOT WORKING) in B1TC

And please check how AA is handled in the ini configuration, cause it seems that values are NOT correctly written to the file:


Everytime you set it another entry is added!
Please, make it work or remove it.

We will force classic MSAA 4x through dgVoodoo2 if you can make the new graphic additions perfectly compatible with it, swapping the d3d8to9 wrapper by Crosire with the Dege's one.
But please, no forced "blurring" AA !
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Ah, and fix this wrong reflections at the pier:
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hekoone: Ah, and fix this wrong reflections at the pier:
Wow! Is this a fog (on the water)? Or reflection is something different?
hekoone: Ah, and fix this wrong reflections at the pier:
SuslikV: Wow! Is this a fog (on the water)? Or reflection is something different?
Look left, there's nothing that can generate the reflected wood "pillars" you see.....
I was thought that this just regular pillars... Yeah, the boat is really between the bridge and these "pillars".
Screenshot is not well made. It needs explanation to describe the issue.

The fog is terrible.
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Fog is the classic early '00 fog :p