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BR2: Terminal Cut, have passed several checkpoints (assumed incorrectly these were autosave points) but there appears to be NO way to manually or automatically save: no menu item, no hotkey. Exit the game and reload later, there are no saved games, and I have to play all over again from the beginning, no matter how much progress I made in the previous session.

Googling this brought only irrelevant carp about the location of saved games, downloading saved games created by others, editing saved games, repairing saved games... all absolute BS when there appears to be NO WAY to save a game in the first place. One site claimed that you save from the Pause menu, which is total BS; there is no such option in the Pause menu, Main Menu or in any of the sub-menus for either (and using the Pause menu to return to the Main Menu elicits the message that doing so is exiting without saving).

Every game I have ever played either has a hotkey listed in the controls, or a menu item. Every. Game. Why not this one? Why is a simple and basic game function like SAVING hidden? If not hidden, why cannot you play from a checkpoint save? Not everyone has time to play a game all the way to the end in one sitting, and I have no interest in any game that requires you to do so.
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The game should give you the opportunity to save your progress at the end of every level.
Checkpoints are just restart locations used in case of death before the end of the level.
Play like it's early 00's!