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Unfortunately for both games EAX audio is completely broken so no way to surround sound or 3D audio. If you use any type of restoring software like Creative Alchemy it gives you the option to select 3D audio but there is no audio period. Overall I am really disappointed in these updated versions as they seem to have as many issues as the originals. I honestly wonder if all they did was give the game a widescreen patch and hack in poor xinput support. Even the cinematics still look heavily compressed and they advertised better ones.
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EAX is working for me in BR1:TC, just using Alchemy with my X-fi Xtreme Gamer card (win10/64bit) and then enabled 3d sound in game options.
And BR2 does not support EAX according to this list
upd - but it is support 3d audio at least, working with Alchemy too!
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EAX doesn't work for me. I'm using Sound Blaster Recon3D (external USB) with ALchemy on Windows 7 x64.

An old post shows different results even with non-TC version of BR1:
But at least you can apply IndirectSound to BR1:TC
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