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Is it just me, or is the damage of the vampire enemies (the one you face late in the castle level) tied to the rame rate? I just tried limiting the game to 30 FPS (normally it's 60) and the enemies seem to do acceptable levels of damage now, with 60 FPS the vampires were killing me in about a second without even playing a full attack animation.

I vaguely remember reading about the original game (not Terminal Cut) that it should be limited to 30 FPS to fix that problem. But I can no longer find the information. I thought such issues were fixed in Terminal Cut, but appearently not. Can anybody else confirm this issue?
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I only found this info on PCGWiki page
"Capped at 1000 FPS. Frame rate affects certain elements such as mouse sensitivity and physics ('tightrope' action is slower) etc. In-engine cinematics are locked to 30 FPS."