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I like this game, despite the looming threat of bloodlust/humanity and all the clunky things. Someone can tell me;

- How does exactly you can pause between turns in combat?

- How biting in combat works? I have tried to bite Sampson, while he unloaded a laser on one of my companions like five times...shouldn't that be successful at all till then? The log does not mention whether I successfully bite or not during battle.
Ugralitan: - How does exactly you can pause between turns in combat?

- How biting in combat works?
It's been some time since I played, but afaik you need to press a key during combat phase to get the control back and be able to issue new orders. There is no pause as such since combat is turn based. You simply watch till the next phase.

Biting works like an attack. Ransom first walks next to the target and then tries to execute it while standing next to it. It may not always work depending on stats. Probably it's best to wait with it till your team has proper equipment, so that they don't get whacked by the enemy.
I just finished this game.

Never figuerd out how to reliably pause between rounds but I found that 90% of the time it would pause if I clicked right and left mouse buttons numerous times all over the screen while combat was being resolved.

When Ransom bites he walks over to the person. He won't do it if he can't reach them. If he reaches them he uses his will skill -vs- their either their will or their faith (I forget which).

If Ransom wins the diceroll, he will extend his cape out in a Bella Legosi "I vant to suck your bloood" motion and the victim won't move that turn. The combat log will say that Ransom bit that person for 16-18hp damage. If he bites someone three times in a combat, they will always die, and Ransom's blood lust will drop to zero (also he'll lose about 2% humanity).

If Ransom loses the diceroll the messagelog at the end of that round will say something like "<victim> broke away from Ransom using his faith skill".

I don't think you can bite either vampires or security drones, don't remember.