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When you first play Bloodnet (in OS X at least) your ears will be assaulted by really overwhelmingly loud music that is so loud it drowns out the voices. So to avoid people being put off by what is a really good game due to this issue, I'll share my fix.

The midi music isn't just way too loud, but it's also WAY off if the soundtrack on here is anything to go by, anyway, onto the fix.

RIgh click or Control+Click the game and select Show Package Contents.
From here, open Contents, then Resources, then game.
Here you'll have another, Righ click or Control+Click again and select Show Package Contents.
Now go through Contents, Resources, again. Now Righ click or Control+Click on Bloodnet.boxer and select Show Package Contents.
In here go to C.harddisk. Here you will find bxlaunch.bat, open it in TextEdit.

Where you see:

replace bloodnet with setup
Save it, then run the game.

This will run the games setup/config.
You'll see that under Music it is set to Sound Blaster/SBpro
Change this to Roland SCC-1 by clicking on it. Then click on Save and Exit.

Now change setup back to bloodnet in the bxlaunch.bat file.
You're all done. Now when you play the game the music will be using your Mac's midi playback instead of whatever horrible emulation it was trying to do before.
Amazing. Thanks for the tip!